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  1. I hope the LAVA forums don't copy the new NI forums UX. Ugh...

    1. Ajayvignesh


      You hate the new NI UX as I do? :D

  2. No, it's not about LabVIEW, but makes me think about why I collect so much data FlowingData - http://goo.gl/C8Am

  3. Haven't used winzip for ages. What a piece of garbage it is now :(

  4. Wishing that the diags I use were written for testing the system, not debugging application code.

  5. Pastafarian elected to local office - from the area where I grew up. Sigh... http://goo.gl/S3JsMC

  6. Right on time, Mr. Bot Spammer

  7. At least the SPAM bots are punctual. 7:05 every morning...

  8. I've been ZIP'd into a ZIPPING ZIP of ZIPness.

  9. Must . stop . playing . with new Apple ring tones...

  10. Is this really the map of the world used in Australian schools? http://goo.gl/b5bbd8

  11. Forgot just how bad Excel sucks at hex value manipulation and formatting

  12. Modern motherboard with 2 GBE, 2 PCI, 10 COM ports & parallel port too?! DFI introduces SB332-C microATX Motherboard http://goo.gl/klUiw

  13. Pessimists May Live Longer ( No, they don't...) | LiveScience http://goo.gl/Kb7qS

  14. PyVISA? Cool, now I just need to learn Python (doh!) - http://pyvisa.sourceforge.net/

  15. I'm not a sustaining engineer, I'm a TestStand scatologist

  16. If you still point people to esr's "How to ask questions the smart way" then you need to read "How not to engage me" http://goo.gl/PBFDK

  17. Some investment choices are just nuts... http://goo.gl/qyLHF

  18. Coursera class that might be worth watching: Discrete Optimization https://www.coursera.org/course/optimization

  19. Hating TestStand. Some people use it as an executive, others as a language. When those two types work on common sequences, its neither...

  20. Learned a new term; "cargo cult programming" - http://goo.gl/KVNm

  21. National Instruments is Bullish on Thailand - http://goo.gl/9JxFz

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