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  1. Are you using the parallel streams option in iperf3? This will help saturate the link. https://documentation.meraki.com/General_Administration/Tools_and_Troubleshooting/Troubleshooting_Client_Speed_using_iPerf#Parallel_Streams_2
  2. I tried a few years ago to participate on Stackoverflow re: LabVIEW questions, but there was little or no ability to include graphics/images. Whenever I did (using off-site links etc...) moderators who knew nothing about LabVIEW would delete links or downvote my answer to oblivion stating I wasn't following the guidelines. I called them out and told them that they needed to understand the language and I got emails and messages threatening to delete or limit my account. I just stopped participating. Not a friendly environment; but I do find lots of solutions to my Python problems there
  3. The creator of the class had provided an example code module that included functions with a return value tuple of (bool, str) representing function call success and optional string. I was conflating this return value in the example with an error. We modified the wrapper code module functions to raise an exception. I learned that the LabVIEW Python Node 'error out' connector handles a Python raise exception by returning an error with a code of 1671 and source string that contains the exception message ( is this documented somewhere? ) This is very nice! Now if we call a function where the Python object is in the wrong state, we get a LabVIEW error 1671 and the class exception string within the error out source (.e.g. "Failure to add measurement; test_run_state = [IDLE]").
  4. I am writing a wrapper to a Python class. The class has several states and will raise an exception when a method is called that is incompatible with the current state. Are there any best practices for passing exceptions back to LabVIEW? I was thinking of using the LabVIEW error cluster as a return type.
  5. Has anyone ever had to receive calibration / parametric data from a vendor using EDI? I personally will get the data from our internal systems but it seems that no one I've spoken to inside my company has ever had to receive serial number specific calibration data before. Right now, we get PDFs with data that we have to transcribe manually into our tests. I want to point the business / IT folks to some sort of specification but have no experience with EDI. Some spelunking returned "EDI Specification 863" which might be right by the description...
  6. I'm offended! I am also ashamed... 😬
  7. Just watched the video
  8. If NI starts talking about NFTs, web3 or cryptocurrency we are all finished...
  9. NI is in Texas, and nothing makes sense in Texas - https://www.texasmonthly.com/news-politics/texas-abortion-law-explained/ "SB 8 allows any private citizen in Texas, or elsewhere, to sue anyone who performs an abortion in the state after an embryo’s cardiac activity can be detected. It also allows any private citizen to sue anyone (in Texas or elsewhere) who “aids or abets” anyone in getting an abortion in Texas after that period or anyone who intends to aid or abet that process."
  10. What is the overhead of using Transpose 2D array? https://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/371361R-01/glang/transpose_2d_array/ Might transpose -> replace -> transpose be an option?
  11. It seems to me that the biggest adoption stoppers I saw re: NXG were the availability of NI Toolkits that hadn't been ported. If the timescale to complete those big toolkit conversions was also going to impede expansion as a large system-solution provider, management may have asked, "If we already have the software and hardware in place today to do that, what does NXG offer long term?"
  12. I completely understand and agree, it just seems a bit ironic that we can't trust certificate authorities; that is there reason for existing? My company has a zero touch provisioning solution for deploying our hardware on public networks. I load our top level cert during test and then I'm done. This is done on a wired private LAN using SCP. Throw in telephony requirements like Lawful Interception and it is amazing that these devices work at all...
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