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  1. Antoine, I actually tried your code, but I did not figure out how to capture the new message from your package. In Skype4COM, there is a 'Message' interface which can return the message info, such as the sender info, message status, etc. But the problem is it returns all the messages sent by any specific sender. I have to manually go through each message and mark it 'read' so I can tell if any new message is received. A little complicated. Don't know if that's the correct way to do it. Can you help?
  2. Dont know if anyone tried to capture the new message to Skype in LabVIEW? Skype has a function called 'IChatMessageColletion.RecentMessages' seemed to be the one to receive new messages. But I don't figure out how to use it. Anyone can help with this?
  3. Manufacture provides an ActiveX control to use in LabVIEW. One function "OpenConnection (ServerName: PChar; out Result: OleVariant) requires a Pascal PChar type; when accessed from LabVIEW, it is converted to String type. I tried to wire a normal LabVIEW string, it returned an error saying the ActiveX Server is not installed or registered. I manually registered the server, but it still returns the same error. I tried to convert the LabVIEW string to a Pascal type, like shown in the picture (put the string length in the beginning and a NULL in the end to make it a null-terminated string), stil
  4. A quick question. Now that new computers are upgraded to 64-bit, so it makes sense to take the advantage of 64-bit of LV too; in the mean time, we are still using other 32-bit computers and LV. So Can we program the same VI in both 64-bit and 32-bit LV? I hope we can so that we can go ahead and install 64-bit.
  5. DOES THIS MAKE SENSE TO ANYONE? Hi Jim77215 Yes it can by using C files that can be called bay 'call funcrion library node'. Write a C function and handle the parameters like calling a dll in windows. You dont have to reference a specific dll. Just write C:\ in the path window of the 'call funcrion library node' configuration menue. Add the function name and the function parameters. Press OK. Connect all the funcion inputs and outputs to the node and save the VI. When you load the VI, LV will search for the VI. You can simply say ignore item or abort it the file dialog apears. Add th
  6. I finally called NI Application Engineer for help. The answer is pretty --- awkward. I was told that NI Mobil Module supports WINDOWS MOBILE OS, but very often has issue with WINDOW CE OS. So a better solution is to switch to Windows Mobile. However, it is not impossible to make it work with CE. How? No Clue.
  7. OK, I know this is a topic talked over and over both here and ni.com/forums, but I still cannot figure out how to run the application on my Motorola MC1000. http://forums.ni.com...uireLogin=False this post suggests that some DLL files might be missing, such as commctrl.dll commdlg.dll COREDLL.dll ole32.dll WINSOCK.dll WS2.dll So need to install Window CE SDK. I tried this path, downloaded the CE 5.0 SDK, but how to install the package into my MC1000. I copied the Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 SDK intaller package, but cannot run the installation, says requiring another application to run the
  8. Sorry, but can you explain a little bit how you made the note.vi movable? It seems like something about register user event, but I cannot figure out how to implement it. Thanks again.
  9. me too. I always want to make a clock-interface. Can you share the code when you finish? I don't know how to make the needles do a circular motion, unless the controls on the front panel have a angle property to modify. But they don't.
  10. You even made a video to demonstrate. Thanks so much. That helps totally. BY the way, is that clock running in LV too? Can you share the code?
  11. Can a VI create a new window programmatically, a new window which can float around anywhere? I am trying to finish a little program which can post a note on the monitor, an easy way to record some ideas. Each note is in a separate new window, and can be updated or deleted. (Yes, the program is available for free download somewhere online, but I wish to have a LV version). Maybe this is not a User Interface problem. It's more like a OOP, treating each note an object of the Class NOTE, and .....
  12. Trying to make a clock interface. In the image, the Pendulum and clock needles are controls. I try to make the Pendulum move as a real clock, but how to rotate the control. I can move its position from right to left, but doesn't seem like a clock anymore. So can I rotate the angle of a control? A control doesn't have a property about its own angle.
  13. trying to generate chart in Excel. One thing I cannot figour out is how to select data range when they are not continued on a worksheet . For example, in the attached image, the data source is D2:E2, D4:E4, D6:E6, but the range function only accpets one pair. Any idea? Anothing thing, how to add a title for the graph?
  14. See the attached pic. A lot of people agreed that correct answer is B. I am so confused. How is it possible B is correct?? I think is C. Whoever thinks B is the one, can you explain a little to me. Thanks.
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