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  1. Wouldn't it be great if we all looked at the data and could understand it so that didn't have to "beleive" anything? Now we're starting to get into the world of religion smile.gif

    Well said Chris (BTW - calumniative - thanks for the addition to my vocabulary :worshippy:)

    I must agree with those who are not sure about the data on the increasing global temperature, and who are EXTREMELY apprehensive of those who claim certainty that it is anthropogenic.

    How well have we characterized the effect of the varying radiance of that big ball of burning hydrogen in the sky?

    How much of the snow melting in the Arctic and North America is due to increased soot deposits on the snow due to the increased coal burning in China rather than CO2 in the atmosphere?

    Let us follow the "money trail" of those who are pushing these ideas. Are they concerned for the planet and our progeny, or have they found a new and profitable gig?

    How many of the suggestions pushed by the IPCC and others lead to nothing more than bureaucracies funded by the UN to transfer money to lesser developed nations?

    How many of those pushing these ideologies live lifestyles that are in conflict with them.

    Al Gore won a Nobel prize for his championship of THE CAUSE. The IPCC calls global meat production the greatest threat to the earth because of the greenhouse gasses that it produces, yet he is still a self described "steak-aholic". He flies around the world in a private jet rather than with the "great unwashed" in a mass transit jet while telling us that we should ride our bikes to work.

    I completely agree that we need to reduce the crap that we send into the ecosystem. I don't need data to tell me this is detrimental, and a bad idea.

    The question is: How much of the furor is about the people who have a monetary stake in the "Green" process, and how much of it is really about anthropogenic global warming?

    Al has found hisself a VERY profitable cause, and so have many in others. And they are profiting on evidence that is very disputable.

    What exactly is the ideal temperature for the Earth? It has varied greatly over the millenia, and I am curious how we determined what the best one was. Which increases were natural and which were man made? And when did we find the thermostat? Is it controlled with LabVIEW?:thumbup1: I'd like to checkout THAT VI!

    Dismount from soapbox.

    Cheers :beer_mug:


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  2. QUOTE (crelf @ Sep 23 2008, 09:24 AM)

    Your Mum was an optimist!

    QUOTE (Antoine Châlons @ Sep 23 2008, 09:35 AM)

    I read just this morning :"Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job." Douglas Adams

    I would modify that to say that "Anyone who DESIRES to be the President should on no account be allowed to do the job."

  3. QUOTE (JFM @ Sep 23 2008, 03:38 AM)

    Can you please explain why you feel that LabVIEW programmers should attend a Near Death Conference? (You know you are in a LabVIEW forum, right?)

    Remember, we are in the lounge where the rules are:

    "Enter the lounge and discuss anything and everything. Nothing is off-topic and all discussions are encouraged.

    Please post LabVIEW related discussions in the other forums. "

  4. QUOTE (rolfk @ Sep 22 2008, 08:30 AM)

    Democracy in theory is sort of an ideal but in praxis it's still one of the better solutions. If for nothing else than that the "people" can not say that they have absolutely no influence in who rules them :)

    From the notebooks of Lazarus Long:

    Democracy is based upon the assumption that a million men are wiser than one man. How's that again? I missed something.

    Autocracy is based upon the assumption that one man is wiser than a million men. Let's play that over again, too. Who decides?

  5. QUOTE (Irene_he @ Sep 8 2008, 09:45 PM)

    I found the version with English Captioning. Although after translation words kind of becoming flat, losing some original tasting and smelling, but should still be good enough to know what they sing about. :)

    Thank you Irene. While in English it loses the poetry of the original, it is nice to know what sentiments are being expressed. I'm surprised, with all of the effort that China put into trying to use the Olympics to promote itself, that this song did not get more visibility. Very nice. rockin.gif

  6. QUOTE (Irene_he @ Sep 8 2008, 05:44 PM)

    Love this song so much.

    What exactly is the purpose of Chinese captioning on a Chinese Video? It's a very good video, but I wish that I could know the words.

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