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  1. I had that empty error list too, a few times. Copying the whole block diagram (CTRL + A), pasting it into a new empty VI (CTRL + V) and then opening the error list of that VI --> the errors appeared.
  2. Another way to speed up the inserts a little bit is to prepare the insert statement by using "DB Tools Create Parameterized Query.vi" once. Then use the command reference of this parameterized query each time you want execute the insert statement by setting the values for the insert with "DB Tools Set Parameter Value.vi" (for each value) and then using "DB Tools Execute Query.vi". The insert statement for "DB Tools Create Parameterized Query.vi" has to be like "INSERT INTO TABLEXY (COLA, COLB, COLC) VALUES (?, ?, ?)". The advantage is that the insert statement has to be prepared only once and is kept in the database server in a binary representation. Hence, the database server is able to execute the statement faster, because it doesn't have to check it for validity and compile it each time. I agree to the others, that it is necessary to separate the DAQ task from the database insert task in some way.
  3. Tia

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    ZITAT(fiero @ Oct 15 2007, 11:35 AM) After you selected the picture by using "import picture from file..." the picture is only sent to the clipboard. To put this picture on the frontpanel (or block diagram) you have to use "paste" (CTRL+V).
  4. Tia

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    ZITAT(Ben @ Oct 12 2007, 08:49 PM) Hello Ben, most interesting at the moment is all that LVOOP stuff. I try to write more reusable code and I think LV 8.5 is the first version where all the wellknown OO design pattern can be implemented in a straight way. So now I'm focused on coding software modules with LabVIEW classes that I can reuse in more than one project. Tia
  5. Tia

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    Hello everyone! I'm new here in the LAVA forums and want to introduce myself to you. I've been using LabVIEW for about five years now and used it in my company for measurement and database issues in the special machinery we produce for the automotive industries. I'm pretty impressed by the big activity in this forum and the expertise of the members. I hope I can help also sometimes with my knowledge. Best regards Tia
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