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  1. Hi, Forget the previous message...I've managed the problem. It is just a matter of adding timers, to give time to the DGH to respond before the program finishes. Thanks,
  2. QUOTE (neBulus @ Jan 29 2009, 04:09 PM) I think that I also received on my inbox...
  3. Hello, I'm with a strange problem... I'm working with a DGH I/O module (model d1711 - http://www.dghcorp.com/digitalio/) that reads the status of one pair of sensors. When I use Hyperterminal, I can send commands and receive replies from the dgh module via serial port. But it simply don't work in LabVIEW. When I use even the most simplest code to write to and read from a serial port (using the NI Examples), the dgh module simply don't send a reply to LabVIEW... LabVIEW can write with sucess on the serial port, but don't receive reply from DGH module. I tried to use the example provided by D
  4. When you draw the basic flow of the program, you can take a look on the Data Communication -> Protocols -> Serial (it will appear if you installed NI-VISA, standard for serial comm. in LV). The Smart motors can be controlled by this way. You need to learn how to use the write/read serial port in LabVIEW. It is quite easy.
  5. QUOTE (Scott Carlson @ Sep 2 2008, 08:58 AM) Hi Scott, I'm using Fedora 7... and I'm glad that you remembered me of the firewall issue! On Linux, it is OK, but in Win, the firewall rules was not correctly applied... Now it is working fine. Many thanks to all and I learned some useful things in this topic such as the endian problem...
  6. QUOTE (Ton @ Sep 2 2008, 07:53 AM) Well, I think that have listening, because my VB program succeeded to establish a communication when I use the example TCP Communicator in the same platform (win X win). The screenshot of the example is here. It doesn't work when is Win X Linux... Strange!
  7. QUOTE (Ton @ Sep 2 2008, 01:20 AM) When I try to connect to the VB server using LV, it simply don't connect, I get timeout. Eugen, I tried something with DataSocket, but I'm not satisfied and really want to use TCP things. Don't have any way really? Philip, thanks for the tip. I will see here if is this problem and will post here the results.
  8. Hi, I have a compiled program (not mine) in VB which acts as a server that receives commands from my LabVIEW application via TCP port. So, these programs run in differents computers in a local network. They works fine when the two computers are Windows. If my LabVIEW program runs on Linux, it is not able to establish a communication with the VB program. The cause of the problem maybe that the VB program uses Winsock? I already tested my connection between a Linux and a Win computer using the examples TCP communicator, so the connection is fine. Thanks!
  9. QUOTE (marp84 @ May 14 2008, 09:53 PM) LabVIEW have lot of examples in Networking (accessible by clicking in Help -> Find Examples), here you can find useful code to learn how to transfer data between pcs.
  10. QUOTE (Justin Goeres @ May 19 2008, 11:19 AM) Whoa! That were a nice explanation! I understood it better... Thanks! Now I'm looking now for alternative (and right) ways to monitor a TCP connection. I think that writing in time to time and see if occurs any errors is a reliable way. What do you think?
  11. QUOTE (ned @ May 19 2008, 09:03 AM) Well, so you say that I write/read to a tcp connection in time to time... May be a dumb question, but for which specific things the "Not a Refnum" is made? Only to know when don't use it. Anyway, thanks for the feedback, ned.
  12. Hello folks, I have a VI that monitors a TCP connection using the function "Not a Number/Path/Refnum". When the peer (the other side which this VI is connected is a win program in Visual Basic) closes the connection, my VI seems unable to detect the closed connection, it is "thinking" that the TCP refnum is still valid. How I can handle it? Thanks!
  13. Very interesting...... but I'm afraid to see it at night on backyard at home.
  14. I agree with you, about the control version. I will implement it NOW! I was thinking about it, but, at the beginning, the project was small, and after, growed a few... I don't have excuses to don't implement it now. Aristos, well, I think that your explanations about the conditions to lose a block diagram makes sense. Because I was with some VIs opened, and appeared that message to revert. Duh, I was dumb and clicked on "no". I have a backup copy, so, no great pain to recreate it, hopefully. But good to know that NI can help if the things really goes hard! It was important to learn that ha
  15. I was afraid of this... but hopefully I have a backup copy here (it is a older version, but to recreate the new things....). I'm recreating and for now, I will backup every day. Well, I really like to know where the block diagram has gone, but okay, let's go to recreate it Many thanks for the feedback!
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