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  1. Hi Chris, Thank for the reply. I am using TestStand 4.2 and LabVIEW 2009 SP1. Obviously I wanted to use the dynamic dispatch functionality. but I am kind stuck in the initial stage itself . When I inserted a LabVIEW Action step type with a code module having a Class as output, I am getting the properties as shown below. Now I am not sure how do I pass this Parent Class Out to a different code module. As this type is shown as Unknown, I am not able to pass this to a variable also. parden me if this issue is very silly, but some how I am stuck here. Looking forward to here form you, Mi
  2. Hi all, I came across developing some custom step types in TestStand with LabVIEW code modules. My LabVIEW code module is architectured with LVOOP concept. But now I wonder how can I pass an LV Class object to TestStand for further use in other step types. Currently I managed to store it in a LV Global and use it later. But are there any other way? Regards, Mirash
  3. Hello, Recently i got introduced to LVOOP and I decided to create simple data acquisition application using OOP concepts. What I am planning to do is a Strain and Vibration Data Acquisition System. So for Configuration part, I created a Generic class for configuration and planning to inerit two child classes for Strain and Vibration configuration. I try to draw a conceptual UML diagram for this (Please excuse, I am not good at UML ) My confusion is , I have Strain Configuration cluster in "Strain Configuration" class and Vibration Configuration cluster in " Vibration Configurat
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