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  1. Hi everyone, New version is here : LabVIEW Shell Launcher 1.1.2 Added support for .vim files. Compiled with LabVIEW 2019 32-bits, with option for future compatibility : Added Bitness management in project : Just add manually correct value for BITNESS symbol : 32 or 64 Have fun !
  2. Here is next version, compiled with LabVIEW 2018 SP1. LabVIEW Shell Launcher 1.1.1 The PreferredBitness key is now in LabViewShell.cfg, created if necessary on first launch.
  3. Hi everyone Here's LabVIEW Shell Launcher 1.1.0 based on LabVIEW 2016 Runtime Engine. EDIT (2019/07) : the installer is incomplete, you need to execute this command manually : LabViewShell.exe ShellSelfRegister Sorry for GregFreeman 😕 and others anonymous users...
  4. In this version , you can specify the key PreferredBitness = 32 or 64 to match your preferred bitness version. (in LabViewShell.ini) LabVIEW Shell Launcher 1.0.9 Hugo.
  5. Yes, the tool already show both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, but the purpose is to launch the appropriate version of LabVIEW when working with multiple simultaneous projects. The fact is that a VI saved with LabVIEW 20xx 32 bits if different from the same VI saved with LabVIEW 20xx 64-bits. (Binary file content) When working on a project requiring a 64bit version, the tool should launch the 64bit version, instead of asking the developer.
  6. Here is the same tool compiled with LabVIEW 2014 SP1. LabVIEW Shell Launcher 1.0.8 Does anyone have an idea how to determine the difference between VIs saved with a LabVIEW 32-bits and a LabVIEW 64-bits ? Hugo.
  7. Hi James, I just wrote this VI : Registry - Smart Shell Extension Registration.zip It adds an input in the Windows registry for specified extension. Your application shoud of course accept command line parameters... Hugo.
  8. Valid link is here : LabVIEW Shell Launcher 1.0.7
  9. The version 1.0.7 detects LabVIEW 32bit/64bit versions distinctly. If you have both 32 bits and 64 bits of the same LabVIEW versions installed ( 9,10, 11 or more...), it will ask for which version to launch. Debug : removed install error for some invalid registry keys when only older versions of LabVIEW are installed. (Yes, this can still occur !!) If someone know how to distinguish the bitness of a VI, please share it !!! Hugo
  10. Here is the new version : LabVIEW Shell Launcher 1.0.6.zip Corrected a bug in the LabVIEW Version list order (for 10.0)
  11. I usually use this kind of code for managing the 'Defer Panel Update' property in software with multiple UI windows. It allows a subVI that perform updates on a given object (such as Trees) to set the 'Defer Panel Update' to TRUE if necessary in the Setup process, then restore the original value in the Clean up process. Important notice about the Defer Panel Update : if you set it FALSE, it will trig LabVIEW to redraw Front Panel objects immediately, even if it was previously set to FALSE !
  12. Hi, Relative object placement is not so easy, it may create circular links. I'll think about it ... Adding an event Pane:Resize and link it to the Redraw VI is not much ... and i allways want to be aware of which code is executing, and when... It is already possible to update the VI Offline (without any code in the target VI), but you need at least the VI Front Panel opened. Skins are stored in tags. It is possible to export/import skin for dynamic change in the layout. You can import/export skin directly from the Editor (Right click on VI List)
  13. Here is a simple demo. Percent and Offset controls can be modified with the mouse wheel.
  14. I know It was just for testing scripting possibilities.
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