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  1. How I must configure Call Library Function Node in Labview for pass stuct OutData from Labview to DLL(The function prototype : uint32 Function_name(struct OutData) )? I am try 2 option: * 1 option: I am pass cluster. Call Library Function Node configuration: Type: Adapt to Type Data format: Handles by Value I am bild cluster whith u32 CobID; u8 NByte;
  2. I am pass cluster (not pointer to cluster)from Labview to DLL ( function prototype in DLL is "uint32 Function_name(struct OutData)" ) but I think that I pass pointer to cluster from Labview to DLL by Call Library Function window (see attachment pic.)
  3. It did't help.My problem is to pass Cluster to Dll structer (not pointer to structer)
  4. Hi I have a problem pass cluster to structure in DLL. I am work with Labview 7.0. structure in DLL: Struct OutData { Unsigned long CobID; Unsigned char NByte; Unsigned char Data[8]; Unsigned long Time;}
  5. QUOTE (Mark Yedinak @ Apr 7 2009, 08:43 PM) Labview can't open this file too. In the window Error write : Generic file I/O error. I am work in this file in the morning ,save the project and close it and after that I can't open it.
  6. Windows can't open .LLB files. I am work on this project 3 days.
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