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  1. Hello Ravi Beniwal and Aristos Queue, Have you had a chance to test LabVIEW Task Manager in LV2013. I have been successfully using your VI on LV2012 (Thank you sooooooo much for great work). But I have upgraded to LV2013, and now I cannot see clone VIs any more. It is really killing us if we cannot see the clone. Could you take a look. Best Regards,
  2. Hello, Could you, please, give me some hint on if LabVIEW has capability to develope some equivalence to Java or .NET embedded forms. For example, we may create a skeleton top level VI and create number of child VIs with the same screen format and dynamically call the sub-VI one by one to fill in the GUI are on the parent with the child GUI. This concept is called embedded form in Java or .NET. But when I try to google “embedded” with LabVIEw it return bunch of thing with “Embedded LabVIEW” which I don’t need. Best regards, Son Lam.
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