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  1. Thanks for reply i found the problem and it works well Thanks again
  2. Hi all I would to ask about this error how can i solve it (requested VI is not loaded into memory on the server computer) Thanks
  3. QUOTE (TobyD @ Mar 28 2008, 08:00 PM) I don't know why you thought that we are of kind "homework hustlers", as I told before this happened by chance not more... We didn't try to "get an easy solution to a school assignment or do not try to put any effort on our own to solve the school assignment and want other forum members to give us the answer or solution to tour problem"... We search before posting any question and when we ask we didn't expect to give us the whole or exact solution, we just need to guide us not more... and thanks for all for the help and guiding....
  4. QUOTE (Norm Kirchner @ Mar 28 2008, 01:16 AM) Actully me and sara are in the same team project and we decided to post this question in forum and both of us (by chance) post this question... however I don't know where is the problem if the question was asked in more than forum.... Conversely I think that benefit will be more... but thanks for ur reply
  5. QUOTE(TobyD @ Jan 25 2008, 01:25 AM) Thanks again for your replying... But I don't have a problem in changing the timestamp to a string or vice versa... My question was is how to make the program to read the array, it will read the first cell in the array which is (date=10/1/2008) then compare this date with the date of system. If they are the same, the program will go to next cell which is (quantity=5) and run an order. then the next day the program will read the next cell in the date (22/1/2008) and repeat the procedure above... But if the date was not the same of the system, then
  6. QUOTE(TobyD @ Jan 24 2008, 11:15 PM) Thanks for your replying... But I'm using Labview 8.0 so the file can't open... Can you please attach the example in version 8.0 or put the pictures of it.. Thanks again
  7. Hi everybody... I have a table like that in the picture below... The program has to read a certain value in the table for example the first cell (10/1/2008 in the picture above).. then compare this date with the date of computer so if they are the same, the program will run an order... and if not, the program will exit... so my question is how to make the program make this reading of table? Thanks
  8. Why no one answering me?? No one know how to do multi-page?!!!!
  9. Can anyone help me please?!!!
  10. Thanks for replying.. The first method so:- I want to make a main front panel which have icons (choices) which lead to another front panels but with the main one still open... So how can I make it by Labview?? Thanks again
  11. I'm bigginner in LabView Progam.. I want to make a front panel which lead me to another front panels... But I don't know how to do that in LabView 8.. Can anyone help me by explaining the steps or by an example.. Thanks alot
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