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  1. we used router(ADSL) linksys inorder to connect these programs through DHCP and it shows us an error help me please
  2. QUOTE(rolfk @ Dec 13 2007, 08:23 AM) i ping two computers with correct IP addreses and shows me that the connection is worked but the errors comes from the program specifically from the listener.vi and the write.vi actually we connecte them through a cross cable.Can you tell me about your connection how you connect them specifically,Please?
  3. QUOTE(Yen @ Dec 12 2007, 05:03 PM) the firewall is off for both computers.How can the labview application have permission to send TCP traffic.Can you give me the steps ?
  4. Thank you anyway. about the examples that i used , you can find them in on the program of labveiw 8.2 >>>>>>>>>Examples>>>>>>>>>find examples>>>>>>networking>>>>>>>>>TCP&UDP Then you can find all the programes there
  5. Hi Can you help me in this problem.Actually i tried to connect two VI through two different PC using TCP and cross wires. the connection is perfect .by the way i used the programs that displayed in the NI example Finder categories.these programs are -passive.vi -Active.vi -Client.vi -server.vi -sender.vi -receiver.vi -when i pinged two computers the connection was perfect,but it shows me an error on icons such as listener.vi ,write.vi and so on.. please help me.
  6. M.M.K


    HI The following is my program ,but there is a problem The problem is : The output dose not reaches the Max. value What should I do to solve that??? Thank u
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