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  1. Correction: All three versions (8.6.1, 9.0.1, 10.0) work like this: After activating another program, the VI is closed when you click two times on any LabVIEW window. My misunderstanding was that the window would disappear when LabVIEW is deactivated. And obviously I did not do the same clicks when testing the versions. Greetings, shb
  2. Hello Thanks. I did some tests: LV 8.6 LV 2009 LV 2010 Creating something works. But the event is not called when another application is activated. I mean something different. (This is my approach for handling the lost focus.) Do not check the scan code for detecting if the Ctrl key is released. This event is missed when the window does not have the focus. Use PlatMods.Ctl instead. And check this attribute in key down and in key up. Then the window is closed on any key press or release when Ctrl is not pressed. (Esc is only an example.) See also in the snippet I sent in my last post. (The picture does not show everything.) In this case I wish you nice holidays. Two versions would be OK too (zip for 7.1 and vipm for supported LabVIEW versions). In the meantime I unzip the archive, update the version in VIPM and create my personal package. Simple enough. Greetings, shb
  3. Some new feedback: The contained VI "lv_new.vi" destroys the file, "New..." dialog. And it looks like it is not needed. (It took some time to restore the original file...) The dialog does not close when I click on another application while ctrl is pressed, release the ctrl key and return to LabVIEW, except when i press and release ctrl.I suppose to check the platform modifiers instead of the scan code in key up and also in key down to close on esc, ... And eventually check all 5 seconds if the VI is the front most Please close all references. It probably does not change anything, but it looks better in “lv_new_vi Get User App Reference.vi” and probably when calling a wizard. The reference can be closed because the window is open. [*]I like VIPM packages. So I created one out of your code for easy installation for me. Unzip your code and the file in the attached file in the same directory. Then open the directory with the VI Package builder and create the package. Short conclusion: I like this tool! Greetings, shb lv_new_file VIPM Configuration.zip
  4. Does it work with Application:Active:Application (short App.ActiveApp) in LabVIEW 7.1? (Then it is opened in the current project in newer LabVIEW versions.) What is the problem in 7.1? A broken VI? Maybe you could load a dynamic VI dependent on the LabVIEW Version. This VI returns the application reference. Or you could use the Vi from CCT and when it fails use the reference "This Application" or the output reference of an application property node. (Please pass the application reference to all all new (and open?) functions.) (And it would be nice if you could create a VIPM plugging. Tell me when you succeed. I fail in 92%. ) Thanks a lot for this tool. Greetings, shb
  5. This function seems to have changed a lot. How it looks in LV2009 and LV8.6 you see below. But in LabVIEW 2010 it probably has changed again (see http://zone.ni.com/r..._no_attributes/). I am not sure if it works with 0 value because I had an error in your tool before. Error 1092 occurred at Invoke Node in TRef Traverse.vi->TRef Traverse for References.vi->Create State Machine __LVScripting.vi->UML2LV State Machine Compiler.viPossible reason(s):LabVIEW: Invalid Class Operator VI.Method Name: Class Operator:Set (Traverse Initialization Failed) And because of this I found a bug. Close should also be sent on error (in "Error Handler Close.vi", fix below). Thank you very much for your work! Greetings, shb
  6. Thanks for the link to the feed. I did not find it myself. It is hidden in the menu "Idea Exchange Options" (above the first idea). There is also an entry for subscribing (getting an email). Some other existing things that can be used: tagging: follow the tags and tag the ideas yourself labels: There are some labels defined. When one is your main interest follow this one. (If you would like more different labels, kudo here.) kudos of others: When someone has the same LabVIEW taste as you, follow his kudos ("Messages I Recently Kudoed" on his page) ideas of others: When somebody has good ideas, check those he sent ("Recent Posts by x" on page of x) ... Greetings, shb
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