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  1. I have a computer running ye ole LV6.1 and trying to control the states of the RTS/CTS lines of the RS232 port. I have a sensor connected to said port that uses the RTS line as part of the supply. Turn this line to the active state, it starts spitting out messages. Turn it inactive and the sensor stops. I'm able to do this in LV8.2 with a property node. But I don't see the same property in 6.1. Was this feature added in a version later than 6.1?
  2. QUOTE (PaulG. @ Apr 10 2009, 02:43 PM) Agreed. Thanks everyone. It looks like some more investigation is in order. The cost is (as always) a major concern. But the higher-ups are pushing us to use it for a few new projects coming up. It is looking like a call to an NI rep is in order.
  3. Hello all, I've been asked to evaluate TestStand for use in my department. So far, I'm not quite seeing how it will work for us. I was hoping everyone here would give me some insight into something I'm missing. In my group, we continually test multiple DUTs for extended periods of time. The typical test have up to 15 DUTs, each DUT with a CAN bus multiplexed to a test computer with a single CAN port, and DUT inputs are all parralleled and controlled via relays. It is not uncommon for tests to last 50-100 days. We already have a test shell built in LV8.20 that outputs a CSV file, one file per day, continuously updated with the Test Time, DUT info, PS voltage, Test Step, Test results and limits. So now for the first question... I'm sure I can modify the generic XML files that TestStand outputs to something more meaningful to us just by learning about XML, so that's not too much of a problem. But, so far with my playing, it looks like it's designed to run only a single DUT at a time. Everytime you start the test, it prompts the user for a single DUT S/N. Am I wrong about this? Is there a way to run multiple DUTs? Am I just being stubborn and not wanting to change my ways? Thanks in advance. I'm sure I'll have more questions as I continue working with it.
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