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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I just join a team of the First Robotic Competition and was surprised that there is a discussion on which language should be used to program the robot. I argued for LabVIEW but they had a not so good experience last year because none of them knew LabVIEW before starting the project. Another guy is arguing for JAVA because he knows it best. Anyone has some experience using both? if so what are the pro and con of each? Any argument to defend LabVIEW? thanks, Pierre-Yves
  2. Hi, I wonder if there is already an implementation of a rule based engine like Drools with some backward chaning based on the Rete algorithm in LabVIEW. I find the state machine to be hard to managed once you have more than 50 states and a rule based state machine could work like magic with its rule checking and backward chaning that makes it easy to add a new rule and track what happened when and why. I started writing a tool of my own and once it got complicated I checked out the if/then block from the fuzzylogic toolbox however it will take me at least a month to come out with a basic go
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