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  1. And here goes our rock(et)star. With the global warming upon us, with leaders that can't even handle the little covid, I wish you good luck in your space mission. We will LabU forever.
  2. Thanks for a delightful event
  3. I've been waiting for this since graduating my CS degree in 2005. Thanks!
  4. Amazing! Thank you all so much for uploading those lectures and a special thank you to those how presented them. I wish we had a strong technical CLA here but we don't have such a large community as you do.
  5. remember to stop your subscription or else they will continue automatically to charge you additional 12$ each month just for the subscription if I understand correctly
  6. Amazing! Can't wait for those videos each year. Thanks! Here is my preliminary feedback: 1. Youtube is great since you don't have to go through the FTP process yet they have some limitations and might prevent access to your own material - back it up 2. NI has some videos and pdfs which are related to those videos, maybe they can add links and support the wiki 3. Send a link to the wiki to the presenters so they will add their own material to the lectures that are missing 4. The Youtube videos are tugged NIWEEK2019 under LabVIEW Wiki. the LabVIEW wiki channel is empty and doesn't refer to those videos and the search for NIWEEK 2019 doesn't show a summary or those results Keep on the great work.
  7. Thanks for all the replies. The .net works just fine, maybe the guy in StackOverflow used an old .net version or something went wrong in his code. I attached the vi that demonstrates that the bug is not existing anymore. Issue solved URI.vi
  8. Thanks! That's a great example for me to learn how to handle DLL's correctly. However, I still get the 2250 error after choosing, for example, C:\ROI 123.bmp in the input. I was expecting to get file:///C:/ROI%20123.BMP
  9. Thanks for the replies! Darin, I wasn't sure if I filled in the prototype correctly according to the help. LogMAN, this is the exact example I was working on. It used to work and now it gives me error 2250. Which brings me to what Rolf said... it is not compatible with Win 64bit. I moved the application from 32bit to 64bit. Rolf, I have MPR.dll in my Win10 64bit and I need the URI, not the UNC (I thought that code used to give the URI yet the last time it was used was before my time so...) What do I need to change in the code to make it compatible with 64bit, safe to use and that it will return the URI? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi, I'm trying to convert a local file path c:\... to a URI path file:///wdcwdc%20wdcwc... Windows MPR.dll (C:\Windows\System32\mpr.dll) does that conversion using WNetGetUniversalNameA https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/api/winnetwk/nf-winnetwk-wnetgetuniversalnamea#see-also For some reason, I don't get the prototype to work using the call dll function. Help will be much appreciated.
  11. Hi, This is not specifically LabVIEW related: How do you organize important posts you read and want to save for the time of need? For example, I want to save an interesting post from Lavag/NI Forums or any other LV blog. This post might contain VIs and I would like to tag it in a way that will let me find it when it becomes relevant. I would like such a post to be saved locally like an RSS so that I'll get the new comments and won't depend on the site to keep the links alive. I see the veterans here keep track of all the new posts and even offer solutions by giving links to some old posts without having to search for them sometimes. Do I miss something? How do you organize it all? I hope to hear of some cool little RSS app that will let me search through the tagged vis and posts stored on my computer and not about some bookmark manager. Thanks in advance.
  12. Search for Stitching in OpenCV -> Write Python code -> integrate into LV
  13. After some more investigation, I found an old post that can be summed as saying: 1. Michael Aivaliotis: VM per project with installed packages in NI for code reuse 2. Smithd: Wonders if you can leverage Windows packagers like Chocolatey/Puppet/OneGet yet he got no reply I know how to handle VMs and I know now that I can do a multi deploy without pro. Did someone find a way to make Chocolatey etc work with LV?
  14. I played a bit with the free tool and you found how it was written. Did you find the source code of that free tool? I would like to try and build on that automation and wrap my own flavor of state machine into it without writing everything from scratch
  15. ShaunR: same condition as I hooovahh: Pro VIMP allows quick installation. Non-Pro allows it too (didn't know about that solution - thanks) and you are used to that manual process since you created your own set of tools that answer most of your customization needs. ak_nz: Works with VMs per project and paid for extra win licenses. You make me jealous yet even after I'll adopt the VM per project solution I would still like to have the set of tools hooovahh uses, for example, when I want to upgrade the projects to a newer version of LV. Moreover, I'm not sure how LV works with hardware from within a VM and if the client installation will work the same since they don't run a VM. This is important since it is not only I who will do the env update/pc replacement in a few years but rather a new programmer while I'll be in some other company doing some other amazing stuff. VM doesn't automate the Dev End requirements. If something breaks since one of the add-ons require an update you won't know what to do. It is either the VM works or it doesn't. Once you have automation for the configuration you can update parts of it and run regression tests to check if everything still works (or test it on different hardware with different OS). Ideally, Jenkins will take the source code once in a while and automatically install the testbench station from zero with the IDE Env -> build -> install -> run tests -> report
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