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  1. 0_o

    VirtualBench for LabVIEW 8.5

    That requires me to upgrade a LabVIEW+.net+c+assembler Software that took 15 programmers 10 years to develop and many of those programmers are no longer working here. I hope to get to it during the 2nd quarter of 2019
  2. 0_o

    VirtualBench for LabVIEW 8.5

    Interesting! I didn't know about the counterfeit. I user the most recent driver and even contacted the company for no avail. As to NI, it is completely cool to stop support, I even think that many of NI's problems start from this baggage. However, to use the Win compatibility as an excuse instead of saying they stopped the backward compatibility effort is not ok mainly since it prevented them of simply checking what will happen to a LV8.5 user that will install LV17 next to it. I do think they should have tested it and let the user know they don't match during the installation instead of finding out LV8.5 is gone once LV17 is installed.
  3. 0_o

    VirtualBench for LabVIEW 8.5

    Hoovahh, for home use I like Win10, I just stumbled upon various issues with it when it comes to using it for work. The issues were: 1. No drivers - Just this month: a usb2RS232 converter didn't connect to a flash chip even though it is stated that the chipset is supported and before that, I had an issue installing LV 8.5 runtime on a Win10 NUK and had to replace it with a MiniDesk 2. and this is the main issue: NI says LV 8.5 is not supported and won't work on anything above Vista while it actually works fine on Win10 till you try to install LV 2017 next to it. This is actually an NI issue and not a Win10 issue per se As for the VirtualBench, if the driver is a dll and the wrapper happen to be vis I don't understand why it can't be supported on LV8.5 (ver15 is not the first one and it first supported LV13) unless it depends on MAX drivers which it doesn't if I understand correctly.
  4. 0_o

    VirtualBench for LabVIEW 8.5

    NI's support came back to me and said that actually, all the new vis I get from installing the driver/app are actually wrappers to a dll. This dll can be wrapped from Python for all they care (https://github.com/armstrap/armstrap-pyvirtualbench updated to virtualbench15) but then they won't give support. I thought that the meaning of this is that I can access this dll from LabVIEW 8.5 yet the support person said I can try but again I will get no support since the virtualbench requires a new Win version and LabVIEW 8.5 is not supported over a new Win version. How comfortable lol, this claim solves lots of support issues for NI and is actually a declaration of them stopping to maintain backward compatibility since LV8.5 does work over Win10. Soon Win7 will be at its end of life and NXT will be the only version supported. I bet you all hate Win10 for all the hardware access issues it brought with no compatible drivers. Prepare to hear: we don't support LabVIEW, only LabVIEW NXG in your configuration. When LV17 was introduced I tried installing it next to LV 8.5 with catastrophic results (due to the change in the unified runtime) so now that I'm using LV16 next to LV8.5 I asked if installing virtualbench 17 for LV16 will harm my LV8.5. The support guy said he doesn't think virtualbench 17 will install LV's runtime of LV17 but he said he recommends me to be on the safe side and install virtualbench 16 on LV16 (normally virtualbench 17 can install on LV16). Anyhow, to play safe and get the support, I'm going to write an engine in LV16 for the virtualbench and access it from LV8.5 (maybe close it as a dll). Wish me luck
  5. Hi, VirtualBench comes with a driver for LabVIEW 2013 and above. I need to work with LabVIEW 8.5 in this project. Did someone try to save this driver to an older LabVIEW version? Creating such a version is a mess since you can't "save to previous' vis that refer to files in vi.lib. Should I try and do it? Thanks in advance
  6. 0_o

    The State of OpenG (is OpenG Dead?)

    Admin: 0. Choose Functionality Admins + API + Requirements + Setup GIT Functionality Admins: 1. Scenarios (according to API + Requirements) + Documentation 2. Black Box testing around a function (empty VI with connector pane filled according to API) + benchmark 3. Update GIT with the empty function and its tests Users: 4. Users solve each functionality Functionality Admins: 5. Each function admin approves the tests under his/her control back to the main trunk if the requirements are holding Admin: 6. Approves a new stable version
  7. 0_o

    OpenG ini file issues

    Since you asked... I personally don't use ini files. I use MVC and thus all my controls are also in a class. I use traverse and save the class as a binary file. For config I use JSON or SQL. However, some projects demand ini file config so here we are
  8. Hi, I tried using the openg ini vis and here is my two cents feedback: 1. Read operation locks the file and doesn't open it as read-only, thus, blocking a write operation. There is no permission or access handling in the package 2. Even though a numeric variable should be represented as 4 and not as "4", for example, inside a cluster every variable is represented with " around it 3. Read/Write panel from/to ini is a great concept yet it needs to be debugged. I saw strange results from variant controls for example that got 2 lines but I wonder if it can deal with two controls with the same label, for example. 4. It would be nice if the open could have got a file reference from the general file open vi that will handle permission settings or any other file operation before the openg gets involved. 5. Some VIs require a type input yet even after they know the output type they still give out a variant. Maliablle VI?
  9. 0_o

    LabVIEW on Intel NUC

    Update: I installed: 1. .net 1.1 (via slipstreaming) 2. visual studio .net 2003 full application (took me forever to find it) However. LV 8.5.1 runtime keeps giving a C++ runtime error. I went into the unpacked installer of LV 8.5.1 and found the MSI installer of the LV8.5.1 and it did run! Not all the MSIs of the packages run. Some report a missing Microsoft component. My app opens and hangs now which is a different behavior than before. Visual Studio SP1 patch still can't run saying that Visual Studio itself is not installed. How do I install the runtime now that I have the IDE? I can't find the runtime. Frustrating... update2: After nstalling VS2003 IDE the VS2003 SP1 was able to run, thus, I have VS2003 runtime and .net 1.1 yet LV 8.5.1 still fails on C++ error. The runtime MSI was able to run successfully yet I don't see National Instruments in add remove apps or the LV 8.5.1 runtime itself which is strange. My app still doesn't run on the NUC with Win10 64bit
  10. 0_o

    LabVIEW on Intel NUC

    Thanks rolfk! So to sum it up, since LV 8.5.1 is using GNU C Library version 2.2.4 I should install Visual Studio 2003 (or Visual c++ distribution 64bit) and it should work? I'll update in a few hours. Wish me luck.
  11. 0_o

    LabVIEW on Intel NUC

    Same here. It works from LV 8.6 to 2018. But from 8.5.1 and prior to that version (8.2 tested) it is not working. Tell me if you are able to install 8.5.1 on your NUC, just getting into the first panel of the installer
  12. 0_o

    LabVIEW on Intel NUC

    My NUC is running Win10 64 bit and I installed all the updates. The KB offers patches for win8.1, 8, vista, RT, server8 and server 2012 assuming that the issue is solved for win10 through the updates. Should I try installing the win 8.1 64 bit patch on my win10 64bit?
  13. 0_o

    LabVIEW on Intel NUC

    LV Runtime 8.6.1 and above works fine. Running the exe gets me to the installer panel. LV Runtime 8.5.1 and below won't work on my NUC. Running the installer gives an error before the installer's panel is up. There is a change in the windows environment (c++ .net ...) between the versions. Going to work some http://www.dependencywalker.com/ magic
  14. 0_o

    LabVIEW on Intel NUC

    I have 8.5.1 runtime running on win10. The fact you can run it on a U processor tailored for mobile says I guess that the issue is not the processor but rather some other NUC issue or C++ issue. Did someone here install LV on a NUC?
  15. 0_o

    LabVIEW on Intel NUC

    Hi, When I try to install LabVIEW 8.5.1 runtime or visa 4.1 on an Intel NUC with CPU i5 7260U I get: Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error! Program ........\LV RunTime 8.5.1\setup.exe This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information. Just in case I installed Visual C++ 2005 redistribution and checked under add remove programs that the Windows feature of allowing version under .net 3.5 to run was enabled. This is not an ARM based processor so why does LabVIEW has a problem installing on the NUC?

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