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Found 1 result

  1. Hello forum LAVA-ites, I am attempting to write a Tools Menu item to slot into the IDE. The intent of this "Tools" VI is that it determines the application instance that launched it and dynamically run a VI in that application instance so that the launched VI can access VIs in that instance. This is basically a custom Unit Testing tool that looks for particular VIs in the project that houses the application instance. I was attempting to use the App.MenuLaunchApp property in this "Tools" VI so that I could wire up an Open VI Reference node with the right application instance and the name of the VI to run dynamic VI to run. I added an extra indicator on the launched VI to show what application context it is running in. If I have a VI open from a Project and then launch the "Tools" VI from the Tools menu, then the dynamically run VI indicator shows "My Computer" (referring to the project housing the application instance). However - if I launch the "Tools" VI from the Tools Menu while Project Explorer is showing then the dynamic VI launches in the NI.LV.Dialog irrespectively (the indicator on the front panel of this VI shows this). Is this expected behaviour? Is there a way around this so that the dynamic VI gets loaded into the right application instance even if launched from Project Explorer? Thanks in advance.
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