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Found 1 result

  1. The LabVIEW wiki page on Functional Global Variables (FGV) states that In the past, I have successfully used FGVs to share data among VIs running on the same target. In my current project, which involves multiple targets (namely, a host PC and a cRIO), I now want to pass configuration data between a Host VI and an RT VI, and I thought an FGV would come in handy for that. However, it doesn't seem to work: I write to the FGV on the Host VI alright; but when I read data from the FGV in the RT VI, I only get default values, as if nothing had ever been written to the shift registers. Before you suggest it: yes, I have checked the VI properties of my FGV; its execution is set, as it should be, to non-reentrant. Can Functional Global Variables be used to share data between VIs running on different targets? Or is an FGV's scope limited to the target it runs on? Unfortunately, I couldn't find any answers to those questions in the LabVIEW online help, or on any LabVIEW discussion board...
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