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Found 1 result

  1. I am staring at this: which shows a snapshot of 3 VIs, two of them being in vi.lib/Utility/error.lib VIs (visible FP), the other one being a subVI in a library of mine. The snapshot illustrates the puzzling situation that I am encountering: Three Button Dialog.vi, whose state is idle as is clear from the snapshot (but is also confirmed by the LabVIEW Task Manager), is however "running" as indicated by the green arrow in the calling VI (whose BD is shown in the back). The "Close Notebook Dialog Window" is nothing but the Three Button Dialog CORE.vi of the error.lib library, and is also idle. In other words, the calling subVI is never stepping out of this situation and the only way for me to recover is to abort the VI. Question: how is THIS even possible? Background information: First of all, I wished I could boil this down to a simple example that I could share, but I haven't been able to reproduce this yet in a bare bone project. Now, the weird thing is that this situation occurred after what I thought would be a simple refactoring of my application, namely dynamically launching my consumer loop, which itself launches the Notebook VI whose subVI is now unresponsive. Before: Main launches Notebook dynamically. User closes Main. Only Notebook remains live. User clicks Notebook's "close box" which call the 3-button dialog. User clicks "No", Notebook closes. After: Main launches Consumer loop VI dynamically. Consumer opens Notebook dynamically. User closes Main which sends a "Quit" message to the Consumer loop, shutting it down. Only Notebook remains live. User clicks Notebook's "close box" which call the 3-button dialog 3-button dialog is idle, Notebook is stuck waiting for it to finish. Something is going on (or rather is not). What could it be? LabVIEW 2021 SP1 64-bit Windows 10 Edit: I forgot to mention that none of the VIs above are re-entrant and that the 3-button dialog CORE.vi is supposed to run as a modal window.
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