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  1. Once the HTML is generated with the provided VIs on the source computer (json files, PNGs and some txt description files plus the boilerplate JS installed with FINALE), that HTML hierarchy can be uploaded on a website (e.g Github). The only thing that is needed is a http server (which is launched by the command on a local computer in the current FINALE distribution) serving the webpages and running the different js scripts. That could be done by cloud servers at minimal cost. This could be provided together with the source code in repositories for those who don't have access to LV. While LV is not a text language, a well-designed LV code should be roughly decipherable by a non LV expert, especially when implementing an algorithm (UI and code mechanics is another matter). This would go a long ways toward establishing LV as an acceptable programming language for scientific applications. Currently it is not, because most scientists using Matlab, python, C, etc. can't even look at the code. Here is an example of how this looks like: Note that vi.lib and other pre-installed VIs are not accessible and I don't see the conpane of the other VIs...
  2. That's working well enough. Now we need to convince github and other repository cloud storage solutions to run this on their servers...
  3. The binary-no preview nature of LabVIEW code is obviously a problem.
  4. Note that the discussion was not about whether or not LabVIEW is on its way to dominate the landscape, but where it is discussed (both are certainly related).
  5. Are you seeing things between the lines? LV is not present among the first 50 listed... In case that helps shedding some more light on reality, here is yet another recent list essentially saying that LV is nowhere to be seen on Github or Stack Overflow: https://redmonk.com/sogrady/2020/07/27/language-rankings-6-20/ and I am not talking about the list itself, but the graph shown here: doesn't list LV, as far as I can tell. Now I am sure that if you limited this kind of analysis to NI's website or LAVAG, LV would hit top of the list in both cases...
  6. https://www.tiobe.com/tiobe-index/ LabVIEW dropped below 50... Might it be that its rank follows its average user age?
  7. That's the only thing I had noticed... as overdue (although of no use to me).
  8. That looks insidious indeed. It definitely doesn't work this way in 2019 SP1. This is the kind of mental note (close LV and restart to clear up memory) I would certainly forget every now and then. I am refraining from upgrading without pressing reasons, since chances are I will lose access to support for old NI hardware I haven't replaced yet (by non-NI ones, of course!). I realized too late I should have stuck to 2018 SP1 for hardware reasons (and as I described recently in the thread you linked to, because of a newly introduced project explorer bug among others). 2020 seems to be one of those years we will try our best to forget about ASAP...
  9. CAR# 1096546 was submitted for this bug
  10. Parallels has a few bugs up its sleeves too, so I am willing to lean toward that conclusion too considering that no one seems to have observed this. Is anyone using Parallels Desktop in "Coherence" mode and observing this phenomenon? There is no Windows' real estate per se in this mode, each Windows app's window appears as a regular macOS one (with the Windows style though), so I can't really imagine that the OSes could be mislocating the cursor... but this is all beyond my technical knowledge to really ponder. Thanks for looking into it though.
  11. Frequently enough that in my drive to make this world a better place, I decided this was a worthy campaign to galvanize the crowds for.
  12. No scaling enabled that I know of. I am using a VM in Parallels Desktop running on a MBP, but I would be surprised it is the root cause.
  13. Here is the video illustrating the symptoms. Of course the demo effect wants that the first time I try to drop the subVI, the cursor looks fine (I had just verified on a brand new VI that the symptom appeared right away, and after I went through the recording hoops, I had to "work" for it to show up), but a brief excursion with the cursor over the project (from which the subVI came, so indeed I could not drop it again in there) was enough for the cursor to turn back to the "forbidden" icon. I am not sure that is very visible in the video, but there is a little bit of a "stuttering" and you can usually very briefly see the arrow+ cursor alternating with the forbidden icon. The bottomline though is that I cannot drop the subVI in most of the virgin diagram and have to actively search for allowed drop zone. I have come to get used to it now, but it is definitely getting old and a productivity hog. Problem Dropping a subVI.mov
  14. The title is made up, but explains what I have been experiencing for years, hoping that it would be fixed in the next version, but it never has, so I am starting to suspect nobody is caring or possibly maybe nobody even noticed it? Anyway, the symptoms are: when I drag a VI (from either a palette or from the icon of an open VI) into a target VI's diagram, I am frequently encountering this odd and annoying 🚫 symbol where my cursor is (it's not red and it is slanted the other way, but this is the closest emoji to the real thing I could find), instead of the "androgynous" cursor (a mix of ♀️and ♂️) which tells me that I am going to copy that object where the cursor is. I would move the cursor around, seeing a 🚫 wherever I go, until I would fleetingly grasp a cursor with the + index (the "androgynous" cursor) over some random location, and then, painstakingly try to go back to that region to find the sweet spot (pixel really) where I am able to drop the VI. Of course, once dropped on the diagram I can move the VI anywhere where I was forbidden to drop it during my initial attempts. That's got to be the most annoying bug in a graphical programming environment ever... Am I the only one to experience this? I am using 2019 SP1 64 bit, but that has been around for several versions already.
  15. I suggest you split the thread, as it may become confusing if everyone refers to a different bug. Mine has been submitted and I will report the CAR when I get one.
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