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Found 1 result

  1. Hello LAVA, I have been working on a configuration interface lately for my framework, and have found a situation in which it seems desirable to be able to decide between a child and parent implementation of a class method at run time. The idea is that each level of a class hierarchy is responsible for some data which is to be configured at the start of operation. To avoid having to rebuild then extend the Config UI for each child, I have been trying to find a way to display each level (Parent, Child, Grandchild) UI in an "Options Dialog" style window. The user should be able to select the hierarchy level to view and configure it's data. I have attached some sample code to illustrate, but it basically entails a listbox for the different hierarchy implementations, and a subpanel to display the selected implementation. The code starts by traversing the class hierarchy to populate the listbox with any ancestors of the selected (Child) class that implement "UI.vi". Then it waits for the user to select one of these implementations before setting the class object vi Control reference, running the VI and inserting it into the subpanel. Note: It seems like it would be much easier to use the CBR/ACBR nodes to do this, but I was unable to figure out a way to call the different implementations, due to the dynamic dispatch terminals. Because this was not particularly straightforward to implement, I have a strong suspicion that it breaks OOP, is generally terrible, which is exactly why I am posting it here. Can someone give me a reason why this is a good or bad idea? LVOOP UI.zip
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