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Found 2 results

  1. I am interfacing Keithley 6220 current source by Labveiw 8.6 through GPIB bus and KUSB 488A. I am using example VI which is provided with Keithley drivers for current sweep. I don’t have any problem in sweeping the current in micro or milliamps. But when try to sweep in nanoampere (even the step level in nanoampere), it shows error message “-222” which stands for “Parameter data out of range”. Can anybody please help me to resolve this error to sweep in nanoampere (stop level as well as step level in nA). I am herewith attaching the the VI which I am using. Front Panel during run (which shows my controls) and the error message are also been attached. Thanks in advance Front panel.doc KE622x -- Execute Current Sweep Example.vi
  2. how can i make model for non linear fitting and how make templet vi
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