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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all. After mounth of continuosly running with zero problem, now I'm getting the error "-200557 Specified property cannot be set while the task is running. Set the property prior to starting the task, or stop the task propr to setting the property". First I got the error on my program (basically, a QMH acquiring data from a DAQ module). But I get the same error from the MAX Test Panel of the module, even after many restart of the Windows PC and even after I uninstalled and installed again the DAQmx drivers and the LabVIEW runtime. This is the error and the MAX window. The module is a DAQ NI 9215 and is mounted in the cDAQ-9171 USB chassis. In other PCs where the same LabVIEW program is running, with the same combination of hardware (9171 + 9215) the typical MAX device list is like that: with the chassis 9171 listed and the 9215 is listed as a board in the chassis. Unfortunally the PC and the boards are in a remote location and, at the moment, I'm not able to phisically unplug the usb chassis or change the board with a different one. Can somebody help me, suggesting something else I could try, having only a remote access to the Windows PC? Thank you, Marco.
  2. Hi guys We had software for a FLIR AX5 thermal camera that worked perfectly. The camera started giving problems in the field and we had to replace it with a newer version with the latest firmware. No I can't seem to communicate with the new camera. MAX tells me that it's unable to get attribute. Error 0xBFF69011 Anybody else had this problem and how did you solve it? Thanks in advance.
  3. I had to go to a customer for a very old project of theirs. They still use LV6.1 , tradiotional DAQ , ... After reboot of the PC and login by another user all configured DAQ tasks were gone. There is no documentation on the setup so recreating is not an option. They have an old image of the PC so .... where does MAX (version 2.2) store it's DAQ tasks, scales etc ? Thanks Wim
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