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Found 4 results

  1. I'm trying to developed in LabView the algorithm used to generete localized key with MD5 defined in the rfc2574. maybe sombody already did it, is this code already available somewhere? thank you A.2.1. Password to Key Sample Code for MD5void password_to_key_md5( u_char *password, /* IN */ u_int passwordlen, /* IN */ u_char *engineID, /* IN - pointer to snmpEngineID */ u_int engineLength,/* IN - length of snmpEngineID */ u_char *key) /* OUT - pointer to caller 16-octet buffer */{ MD5_CTX MD; u_char *cp, password_buf[64]; u_long password_index = 0; u_long count = 0, i; MD5Init (&MD); /* initialize MD5 */ /**********************************************/ /* Use while loop until we've done 1 Megabyte */ /**********************************************/ while (count < 1048576) { cp = password_buf; for (i = 0; i < 64; i++) { /*************************************************/ /* Take the next octet of the password, wrapping */ /* to the beginning of the password as necessary.*/ /*************************************************/ *cp++ = password[password_index++ % passwordlen]; } MD5Update (&MD, password_buf, 64); count += 64; } MD5Final (key, &MD); /* tell MD5 we're done */ /*****************************************************/ /* Now localize the key with the engineID and pass */ /* through MD5 to produce final key */ /* May want to ensure that engineLength <= 32, */ /* otherwise need to use a buffer larger than 64 */ /*****************************************************/ memcpy(password_buf, key, 16); memcpy(password_buf+16, engineID, engineLength); memcpy(password_buf+16+engineLength, key, 16); MD5Init(&MD); MD5Update(&MD, password_buf, 32+engineLength); MD5Final(key, &MD); return;}
  2. This package will be available for download through VIPM in a few days and contains a small mod to the release: [MOD] 3421698 - Message Digest Polymorphic VI should show instance icons
  3. This package will be available for download through VIPM in a few days and incorporates a new MD5 Hash? VI and changes to existing MD5 Message Digest. [FIX] 3410441 - Add 'MD5 Hash' candidate to package [FIX] 3410442 - Add Hexadecimal String output to MD5 Digest These are the new/updated VIs: Kind regards Jonathon Green OpenG Manager
  4. This OpenG Review is closed. See Summary Post here. Please start a new thread to discuss new changes to this VI. Please PM me if there are any issues with this thread. Community, This VI was in the Candidates folder for the String Package. It has been sitting in there for a while therefore, I have just gone ahead and posted as is (so the license will be migrated on confirmation from the author etc...). What are you thoughts on this VI? Would you like to see such a function in OpenG? Can you optimize the code? It may be better suited in e.g. Comparison Package? Should it be rejected? Kind regards Jonathon Green OpenG Developer Is an MD5.vi TEST - Is an MD5.vi Code is in LabVIEW 2009
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