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Found 1 result

  1. I am running into an issue with a memory leak. Due to NDA I cannot post code. The issue is have is that the deployed exe has a memory leak yet I do not see it when running in the IDE. The code is fairly basic and consists of three tasks. The first task is a basic UI event task and it does updates two strip charts during execution. The second task is a data collection task that retrieves data from a device using HTTP. The third task is a data logging task that writes the data to a database. Messages are passed between the tasks using dynamic events. Each task is basically a while loop with an event structure. Tasks two and three are subVIs on the top level block diagram. I have scoured the code for any unitialized shift registers or run away arrays. Tasks two and three both open their connections (HTTP and DB) once and use the same connection throughout the execution. Error processing will open a new connection is there is an error but it will cleanup the old connection. Also, I have not recorded any errors so they application should be using the original connections it opened. The DB stuff (using the database toolkit) is executing stored procedures. It does free the resources for each transaction. I have run the execution trace tool (not on the built exe), profiler and VI analyzer and nothing is jumping out. Any ideas on how to isolate what is causing the memory leak? As I stated the leak only exists in the built exe. Running in the IDE shows memory usage to be very stable. I am running out of places to look. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. (Sorry about the lack of code, but I'm not at liberity to post it.)
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