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Found 1 result

  1. So I have a LabVIEW application, which works fine under the IDE, but when built into an executable it suffers from a memory leak in the order of 5-10kB/s. The code uses several dynamically spawned components, including an acquisition component, controller component and user interface (viewer) component, and a couple of viewer sub-components. These all communicate through user events, which uses a class factory pattern for the datatype. In this situation I'm simply launching the executable and not performing any hardware interfacing or data gathering etc., my code is just sitting there waiting for me to start something. During this idleness, there are still some user events flying around, but not many (up to two or three per second to about 5 subscribers) and the contained data of each user event class instance is either nothing, or a few bytes max. Therefore, even if each event's contained data was being duplicated per subscriber, I can estimate that about 100 bytes of data is being allocated per second (and that assume the memory is not deallocated after use). I cannot fathom how the code is gobbling up around 5 to 10 kB/s, and especially why this should only occur when built as an executable. Any thoughts anyone?? A bit of cross-post from here, but the topic changed as I discovered more about the issue: http://lavag.org/topic/17825-bad-crash-under-xp-embedded/
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