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Found 2 results

  1. I'm trying to make a VI where Front Panel Controls and Indicators should be visible but background must be transparent. I tried attached VI, Its working when I m selecting Windows Behavior as "Floating" but When I tried Windows behavior as "Modal", its showing a white border. I want to eliminate border when "Modal" is selected. Is there any solution? TestVI Folder.zip
  2. Hello everyone, Welcome to my first post with which I hope to not embarrass myself I'm currently working on an application in which my main-VI produces a pop-up on startup. It is implemented such, that the main-VI simply calls a SubVI in which I use according invoke- and property-nodes to make sure that the frontpanel is shown in the correct size/postion/etc. - you konw the drill. The pop-up contains a list of checkboxes that the user has to check manually - it is a checklist in that sense. Once he completed checking the appropriate boxes the user can close the subVI frontpanel and continu
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