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Found 1 result

  1. Not sure whether I should post here, or on the developers' forum... so here goes... I've used parts of the OpenG tools for a number of years, particularly the data tools, string, and variant config packages. Recently I've taken to modifying a few VIs and typedefs and carefully segregating out the modified bits. The specific modification I'd like to discuss was the inclusion of support within the variant and string routines for fixed-point datatype. (I have a concise list of the changes needed to support FXP.) So, first question: are any of the members of the OpenG developers' community planning to officially roll this in? I saw it brought up as a request (perhaps informally) over a year ago. Second question - if I have identified what I feel is a bug/incorrect behavior, to whom do I direct the description? I've found some inelegancies with how the Scan Variant from String VI behaves with enums, and have a proposed fix. Any takers? Thanks, Dave
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