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Found 1 result

  1. I've created a by-reference framework similar to the Extensible Session Framework (https://decibel.ni.com/content/docs/DOC-12813), with the difference that my object references are self-persistent. This is achieved by creating the object instance in a separate thread, which remains running in the background. This is all working rather smoothly, but I would like to clean up my code a bit. Right now, I have a Persistent Object root class which contains only two properties (Instance Name and Destroy Event) and two methods (Create and Destroy). A child class overrides the Create and Destoy methods, and offers class-specific functionality. Unfortunately, the child class also contains the wizardry code that maintains a list of existing instances and manages the creation / destruction of particular instances. I've included some snippets that demonstrate these methods, as well as a typical top-level vi. Example top-level vi: Require method: Unrequire method: Holder method: Of course, the framework-related functions should preferably be in the root class, not in this child class, to allow me to make changes to the framework without editing all child classes. The problem is that I cannot create the Require/Holder/Unrequire functions in the root class and override them in the child class, as the DVR terminal data types will not match. Does anyone see an elegant solution to this problem? Thank you.
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