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Found 3 results

  1. I have a PXIe-7975R(FlexRIO FPGA with 5732 digitizer)and a PXIe-6341(DAQ) both installed in a PXIe-1073 chassis(you can check in screenshot below) and I want to synchronize there two device. my goal :The DAQ will output some control signal and the FPGA will acquire some other signal and they are synchronized . what I tried: 1. output a digital signal to 5732, however its DIO port somehow dont work,and that force me to input signal using AI port,but there are much much noise 2.this chassis used to run ScanImage( https://docs.scanimage.org/ an program based on MATLAB using DAQmx API),so Im sure the same thing could be realised using LabVIEW,however I couldnt find a way to do so. So ,is there a way to synchronize there two device?Or are there some modules like DAQmx avalible?(examples of 5732 only demonstrates Clock Select and Streaming)
  2. Hello, I would like to synchronize a PXIe 6356 (connected to a BNC 2110) and a PXIe 4492, which are installed in the same chassis. Since I unfortunately couldn't get it to work, I wanted to ask if someone could help me with my problem. With synchronous I mean: The measurements of both PXIe should start at the same time and should take out the measured values at the same time. Possibly it would work with a digital trigger, but unfortunately I don't know how to implement this in Labview and how to wire it. So at least I know that the PXIe 4492 has a PFI0 socket. The BNC 2110 has much more digital connectors. Please find attached my VI. Thanks for the help in advance. Multichannel_8_analog_acquisition.vi
  3. Hi guys, I have to develop a software that has to control a waveform generation using a PXI-6541 and two PXI-5412. The first board has to generate a digital data syncronized with the arbitrary waveforms which will be genereted by the other two. Can someone tell me what is the best method to use to synchronize the three boards? Which is the best board to use as master on the clock source? Can MAX 5.0 simulate this hardware? Thank you in advance.
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