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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, I have a strange little problem. I have two computers talking to each other via TCP (thru a router). Computer A sends out a short (1200-ish bytes) message via TCP Write.vi and Computer B responds with a different short message. This happens every 10 seconds. Here's the strange part... If I disconnect the network cable from Computer A during the 10 second wait, the TCP Write from Computer A still "completes" without an error even though there is no physical connection to the network when the function executes. It's not until Computer A tries to read the response from Computer B (via TCP Read.vi) that it errors out (with error 66, which is another problem). This lead me to believe there was buffering going on with the write and it just didn't know there wasn't anything out there to talk to anymore. So, I tried disabling the Nagle algorithm (both manually via the registry and then using TCP_NoDelay.vi) but this seemed to have no affect. Any comments on what I'm seeing? If this is buffering, is there any other way of forcing the TCP Write to actually write (and hopefully throw an error)? Cat
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