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How to save picture to file with index number?

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I have an image from webcam that i want save it in my folder every 1 minute.

So this is the problem for me that i don't know how to save it.

I want to save file name "image" + with "number of image"


1 minute : image1.bmp

2 minute : image2.bmp

3 minute : image3.bmp

n minute : imagen.bmp

How to do it? Could you please show me the example?

and what image type savefile fastest ?

best regards,

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QUOTE (lovemachinez @ May 14 2009, 09:48 AM)

I'm new in labview; so I search the google for it but cannot find...

if in C language, I will create variable "int x;" to combine with initial string path and then use x++; to increase it.

But in labview I cannot find how to create the variable like C language.

Does Labview have an variable like this?

No, LabVIEW does not "declare" variables in the way that you are thinking. The data is on the wire. Internally LabVIEW handles the allocation of the storage required and the wire carries the data through your application.

As for your original questions here is a very basic (an contrived) example of how you can create new file names.

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QUOTE (lovemachinez @ May 14 2009, 11:46 AM)

thankyou very much for your answer....but my savefile process doesn't in loop it cannot increase +1 like this example.

if it go out the loop, how the program remember what number of iteration in the last.

many thanks.

Uninitialized shift registers are roughly equivalent to 'static' keyword in C. Based on Mark's example, a subVI like this my work for you:

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