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Find Used & Unused VIs Utility...


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Hi All,

Enclosed is a program which find all used and unused VIs in a project. The main features are:

- lists every VI used by by your main VI

- can simultaneously search dynamically loaded VIs

- VIs can be in directories or LabVIEW libraries

- can sort by Library/Directory or VI name

- can exclude vi.lib VIs

- can display used VIs sizes

- separately displays library/directory of each VI found and its full path

Now the good stuff:

- lists of all VIs NOT used by your main VI in the directories/libraries it searched .

I call this last feature finding the "dead weight" - VIs which are forgotten and unused sitting around taking up valuable disk space.


E. Blasberg

iDAQ Solutions Ltd

Download File:post-10-1073102477.zip



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