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W32/Virut.AI!Generic virus detected in LV2009_ENG_32.exe

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OK, I think this is a false alarm but I I think this needs to be investigated.

I downloaded LV2009_ENG_32.exe from the standard download and evaluate LabVIEW link


However when I run the downloaded file "LV2009_ENG_32.exe" through F-PROT virus scanner I get the following virus detected


See the following report generated by F-Prot

-----------------------------SCAN REPORT-----------------------------

F-PROT Antivirus for Windows

Antivirus Scanning Engine version number: 4.5.1

Virus signature file from: 11/4/2009, 3:23 AM

Scan name: [Custom Scan]

Path to scan: C:\Temp\LV2009_ENG_32.exe|

Normal scan

Also scan: Inside subfolders, Compressed files, Streams

Scan started: 11/4/2009, 5:25:21 PM


[Found virus] <W32/Virut.AI!Generic (not disinfectable)> C:\Temp\LV2009_ENG_32.exe->(ZIP)->Products/MDFSupport/MDF/MDFSupport1.cab->misetup.bin.F5D87C60_CF9D_4AC4_8480_40189BD11225

[Contains infected objects] C:\Temp\LV2009_ENG_32.exe

[Quarantined] C:\Temp\LV2009_ENG_32.exe->(ZIP)->setup.ini


Scan ended: 11/4/2009, 5:47:35 PM

Duration: 0:22:13

Scan result:

Scanned files: 1

Infected objects: 1

Disinfected objects: 0

Quarantined files: 1


I've scanned the file through AVG but that particular variant of the virus doesn't appear in AVG's database.

I've tested this on a clean uninfected machine, can someone else verify this if possible?

If NI could also just confirm this is a false alarm as well

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It quarantined an INI file? Definitely a false alarm ... though how it came to be recognized as a virus is perplexing.

Yeah, definitely

but it seemed to have issue with this file as well.


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