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Find the changed files in Perforce!

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This is not directly a LabVIEW question, but since the files I am dealing with are VIs and since the reason I do it this way is because of how LabVIEW works, I figured this is a fair question for LAVA.

I just upgraded from P4Win to P4V and I can’t seem to figure out how to perform a large submit operation.

For example:

If I have 100 files checked out, but I have only changed 17 of them, I need to know which ones those are so I can submit the changes.

In P4Win, I could setup a submit that would only select the 17 files out of the 100 in the checklist that were different from the depot. I could also have it re-checkout the files after submitting and leave the other unchanged files alone.

I could also choose to submit a subset of the 17 changes files if I wanted to have different comments attached to different groups of files.

In P4V I cannot find a way to have it show me which files have been changed. It select every file that is checked out when I choose to submit. It can be set to not submit unchanged files and to re-checkout after submit, but I still need to know what the changed files are before submitting so I can enter the appropriate comments.

I don't to want to revert the unchanged files. Due to how LabVIEW seems to like to recompile VIs at will, I tend to keep everything checked out all the time so I don't have to keep checking things out continuously as I make edits.

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.


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