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New Imaq Vision

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I am working with IMAQ Vision 6.1 and am not new to vision. I am getting alittle fustrated at all the groping I'm having to do to order to understand the new references, which don't seem to all work.

From my NI support post.

Where are examples for using new IMAQ features? Image References etc.

I have the following questions/problems

Q1. Using the IMAQ Reference - Writing a new image to the property "value" does not seem to work.

Q2: How does IMAG Wind Draw - which uses the "Window Number" reference work with the new property node and global variable image reference?

Q3: I am attempting to erase an ROI - it does not work using the new property node "Clear ROI"

P3: When I use the "traditional" Clear ROI vi - it requires the window number - how does one establish the IMAQ window number for the new control type window that resides in the front panel? Window=0 does not seem to work.

Q4: Can you send me an example of simply clearing an ROI - without erasing an image? It is possible?

I've searched the examples and documentation for Vision 6.1 and can't find any cogent examples of the reference usage and limitation? What gives..

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Okay, I'll answer my own questions...

Erase ROI does work - but you need to update the image after the function. As the new "Value" property does NOT work - you need to use a Global variable - update that.

You must have a loop running that updates the image from the Global variable. Not very efficient- but should be fixed in Vision 7.1 maybe???

You can't use the older Image functions which call the window by window number. the new front panel embedded image does not have a window number (not even 0)

New Vision does not seem any slower than 6.1, overlay stuff seems to work fine. I don't know if I like the right-click menu now avaliable on the front panel embedded image. Allows you to save image and change the palette.

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