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labview Xnode _Adapt Terminal Output


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Copyright © 2009, Variant Sistemi, IT

All rights reserved.


Pasquale Scotto di Vetta

--see readme file for contact information


This is a LabVIEW 8.6 XNodes.

XNodes are a hidden and unsupported feature in LabVIEW 8.x. As such, this code may not necessarily work in versions of LabVIEW > 8.2 and the technology is not supported by NI. On the otherhand they are really quite useful.

To use the XNodes, place the *.xnode files onto a function pallete and then use them as any other primitive or sub-vi. Because XNodes are scripted at edit time they offer a form of polymorphism far superior to polymorphic vis.

This package contains the following XNodes:

* Automatic Input Output Adapt Terminal

This XNode set oputput terminal data into your preferred terminal input data by selecting item from a popup menu of vi. This XNode itself uses the Set and Get Variant Attribute AdaptativeSet.xnode


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A few comments, unrelated to the Xnode itself:

1- cross-post: where do you want comments on your code? We should probably stick to one thread to gather all comments at the same place.

2- I didn't find the readme file in the zip.

3- And it's password-protected...which indicates you have copyrighted content that you want to protect. It's probably in the readme file, but a license detail would help (how can we use it? At which conditions?)

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This is interesting. However, it would really help if you documented your Example better. Especially the fact that you need to right-click on the 'Get' node to select the named attribute that you want to get the data from, and to double-click the 'Set' node to add new 'named' attributes.

Also, it would be nice if by default the 'attribute name' property defaulted to the name label of the object wired to it. I would like to not have to set the attribute name at all most of the time. For the 'Get' operation, if only one data-type is 'registered' with the xnode it would be nice if the GetData automatically used that data type. Also, it would be great if your zipped folder structure was better -- I would only put the xnode in the root level (+ a readme.txt with documentation) and would try to move everything else into subfolders because the folder looks really messy right now which makes it harder to figure out what I should 'care' about as a user.

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Thanks for the comments, I will publish the next version will be organized differently, according to your valuable comments. Meanwhile, the password for the diagrams is zxcvbnm.

If you have new ideas or interesting information on the structure of XNode let me know.

NI structures XNode unfortunately not much information.

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