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What can affect the size of a front panel object between versions of Windows?


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Greetings, all!

I have a client that wants to use a piece of LabVIEW code on Windows XP, Vista, and 7. The application was originally written to run on XP machines, so everything looks OK there. However, on Vista or 7, certain front panel objects appear larger than they do on the XP machine (in one example, all of the string fields in an array of strings are taller). Other objects (such as a text label) appear smaller.

The machines in question all appear to have comparable DPI settings, and monitor resolution does not seem to be a factor. The application uses Application Font in various sizes in the cases of interest. Can anyone suggest some other things we can check?


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I would guess that the app font is the most likely suspect. As the name suggest, the app font is not a specific font, but an application-dependent font and I think the default one in Vista and 7 is different than the one in XP (which I believe is Tahoma).

You can explicitly set the app font by adding a line to the executable's INI file (or to LabVIEW.ini, if this is in the ADE) which is basically AppFont=Tahoma, 12 or something similar, where the number determines the default size.

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I have the same problem.

I have an application developed on a XP system. My system is VISTA 32. When I open the code, string controls get taller (height +4 pixels) and the UI looks horrible.

I checked in a XP VMware and there i found that the default font is Tahoma 8.

I tried the Appfont key in the LabVIEW.ini but without effect:

tried with comma seperator, without ,...

The only solution that my boss and I found was changing the vista theme to windows classic.



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You need to define the the fonts in the ini file of the specific application. In all my apps I add the following in the ini and it works just fine, regardless of the user OS or font/screen settings.

appFont="Tahoma" 13

dialogFont="Tahoma" 13

systemFont="Tahoma" 13

I hope this helps


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