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Labview Mathscript


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LabView mathscript's syntax is very close to Matlab's mscript. You should be able to run matlab code inside a mathscript node with few changes. However, it is more designed for running specific chunks of code as functions inside a LabView application than for running a monolithic Matlab program from inside LabView.

Also, as of LabView 2009, mathscript is now an add-on package.

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Not all Matlab functions are supported. The supported functions are in the LabVIEW help and also online here: LabVIEW MathScript Functions

As long as your Matlab program uses the available functions it should run in the MathScript node. You can add your own user-defined functions if they aren't included.

Also, if you have a copy of Matlab on your computer you can make it run in the full Matlab environment with the Matlab script node.

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