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Unit Testing dynamic dispatch VIs

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[Cross posted here.]

As I've been exploring the Unit Test Framework, one thing I've been very excited about is the ability to test indicator values that are not part of the connector pane. In reusable instrument class methods where I take the user's inputs and create a string or byte sequence to send to an instrument, my plan was to drop an indicator right before sending the command to the instrument. This lets me test code without having an instrument connected and helps ensure future developers don't accidentally break existing client code.

Unfortunately, after attempting to run my unit tests I discovered the UTF can't "Include controls and indicators from front panel" when the VI under test is dynamic dispatch. Two questions:

  1. Is this limitation likely to be removed, or is it based on something within Labview that is very hard to change?
  2. Are there reasonable work arounds that would provide me with some way to test the commands? (I don't want to put the commands on the connector pane as that exposes internal functionality to the user.)



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