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DAQmx Global Channels (Deleting)


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Okay, I just got my new "Toy" the other day (PXI system with controller running XP, a PXI-6713 AO and PXI-6509 DIO cards).

The DIO card only works with the new DAQ 'stuff', so I am forced to learn DAQmx as opposed to the regular DAQ with which I am more accustomed.

Now, in trying to figure out how to use all the stuff, I created a global channel, and now that I wish to delete it, I can't figure out how and have had no luck using LabVIEW help, etc in finding out how to delete it.

Can anybody help? Also, if any of you guys have used DAQmx before and have any useful tips, tricks, or "head's-ups" I would appreciate you sharing them with me. I'm still trying to figure all of it out. :D

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Well I don't have extensive experience with DAQmx however I have used it enough to be dangerous. I have quite a bit of working knowledge using the old stuff. One thing I detested in the old method was that it was always a lot more work to get an efficiently running DAQ system. The Easy IO stuff was way too slow. Here is where DAQmx excels I believe. It is smart enough to know when you are using the drivers in an inefficient way. For example, acquire 1 point 100 times should be as efficient as acquire 100 points in one shot.

One thing I haven

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I didn't know the global channels created can be accessed in MAX :oops: Thanks!

As for global channels vs tasks, I haven't played enough with them to really be comfortable with global channels. I'm creating my channels and tasks dynamically, and I haven't played with global channels enough to know if I can create them dynamically with as much ease.

I'm learning this stuff, slowly but surely (my code is working) but correctly? I'm not sure yet. :D

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