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Calling LabVIEW VI's from Python

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Hi Ppl,

I'm trying to call LabVIEW VI's from python using the LabVIEW ActiveX or the LabVIEW run time engine ActiveX that can be enabled in Advanced options of application builder.

The problem that I'm facing is: I'm using the VirtualInstrument.Call() method to execute VI's and pass parameters to and from the VI"s. While using this method I'm able to pass arguments to simple controls easily ex. arrays, numerics booleans

However when I tried to pass data to a cluster as in the attachment Data 1 in this form I'm getting errors:

Python code:










VIPath="C:\Users\Sathish\Desktop\Calling LabVIEW VIs from Python using LVRTE\Complex Data.vi"

#Get VI Reference


VirtualInstrument = Application.GetVIReference(VIPath)

#Open VI front panel in hidden mode



#Call VI

print ("Calling LabVIEW VI\n")






Error Msg:


File "<COMObject <unknown>>", line 2, in Call

com_error: (-2147352567, 'Exception occurred.', (0, None, None, None, 0, -2147352571), 2)

However the same code works for the second attachment Data 2

What I infer is that Python is not able to differentiate a 2D array data type from a cluster having sub clusters with same number of elements, as in our example a top level cluster having two sub clusters with 3 numeric. Is there any way to solve this problem. How do I explicitly tell python that this is a cluster and not an array ?



post-18003-096213900 1281710241_thumb.jp

post-18003-038523500 1281710261_thumb.jp

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