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graph/chart legend resizing?


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I have a screen with a chart that is displaying 6 parameters out of a possible 192 parameters. I moved the legend where I could set a vertical array of 6 integer controls for transmitter number, and another veritcal array for channel number, and yet another for parameter type all placed next to the chart legend with the intent of making rows of control corresponding to the legend rows. The parameter name in the legend is updated by value change events from the first two arrays depending on what the user selects in the transmitter and channel columns. All works OK, but I have one small problem: I really would like to be able to change the height of the legend so the the six parameter names would line up better with the elements of the vertical arrays located next to the legend box. It is good enough to use as is but I still would touch up the esthetics a little to line up these items up perfectly for the finished product. The numerical controls vertical size set to 20 bits and cannot fiddled with, only the width is adjustable which is of no use. Is it even possible to fiddle with the vertical size of the legend?

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Unfortunately, my customer has a case of featuritis. The legend lets him change width since when there are 6 plots he wants to verify where any one plot is as they may be overlapping one another. To make matters worse, I'm developing on a Linux version of LabVIEW full development system (v2010) and there is a little more restriction in available fonts and sizes on these machines.

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