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File IO in SbRIO

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Hello all

I am working on the SBrio 9612 board. I am trying to write a text file with the data from the FPGA.

Normally I should be able to write to the Host PC ie to a file on my desktop,by giving a Direct path to the file. but when I try to do this an Error 7 occurs on the create File node.

Can it be a network related problem? (some firewall related stuff which im not aware of)

Should I try to use a network variable to send data to the host and then store it with a Host VI?

Please do suggest me a method to store data, as text file or spread sheet file, either on the desktop or on the Non volatile board memory.



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You won't be able to write a file on your Host-PC (Desktop) directly from the RT-System (sbRIO). But writing to the disk of the sbRIO will do with the standard File I/O VIs, assumed the given path is correct. The syntax is the same as on Windows-PCs, e.g.


should be a valid path on your RT-System.

But be aware that File I/O is crucial for RT-Performance. Sending your data to your Host-PC using Network-Variables or the new 2010 Network Streams could be an option, depending upon what exactly your are trying to do.



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Thank you for your prompt reply.

Well,I got the idea of writing a text file on the host from the following link.


The application im developing is to record measurements from some sensors (ie pH and Temperature),measurements have to be made for a long period of time like 24 hrs,and stored for later analysis.



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