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Does someone could make me a vi with a single polar display (by polar i mean complex number) i've seen before but i do not have the power meassurment toolkit or i don't know wich toolkit it is ... but i've also seen before that i can open copy and paste in another .vi, ... and please let that be labview 8.6... i'm in a hurry!!!!!


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Look at the numeric and graphical plot palettes. If you are in a hurry, things might go badly. I wrote a program to display a polar plot recently, but there's no way to really unify the method, and so I didn't make something reusable.

Look at the polar plots. They did not meet my requirements at all, in fact we were talking about something different entirely.

Usually, when an abstract concept as a problem is available and known, LV will get it in the next release. If it isn't in the vi.lib, chances are you need to code your own problem. i.e., there's no toolkit to solve it easily.

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