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  1. ok... they gave me permission to ask properly.... I have .xls sheets... (I hope I wrote it right) they were written from a signal they measure a while ago, they do not have the conditions to measure those signals again, but still they want to use the information in that files… So the conditions of these signals are actually weird, they change a lot in their amplitude and frequencies… but It was told to me that I consider converting a single period of a signal into an amplitude Vs Degrees instead of an Amplitud vs Time graphic, so the first thing I have to do, is to get the values from
  2. this is what i've done.... i cannot upload the .xls file it is reading... so what's the diference anyway... convertir angulos prototipo.vi
  3. Greetings… i salute you… or something like that I need to do a very specific task in LabVIEW this week… and I kind of have some ideas to do it, but i have to use a lot of imagination to do this... the fact is that i remember a numeric method may be programed with the shift registers in a for or a while looop structure, by making the register grow down... (sounds wierd but i'm sure you understand what i mean)... this works or at lest i've used it before, when we are just generating the values that are getting inside the shift register... but what if i have already an Array with the whole v
  4. No WAY!!!! I always thought that if I make an average of a Sine Wave.. I would get Zero… or something as close as zero as possible…. Gb119, I apologize because I actually thought that you were Crazy at first but it actually works… and works perfectly… This method is awesome… I wonder what’s the math behind this… are you guys warlocks or something??? Is it witchery??? I keep searching about it with the name “phase-locking” and the other names Black pearl gave me, and I found that is usually done in Labview.. they use the Hilbert Transformation to make the sine wave a Cosine wa
  5. Ok, first of all i want to say that is my pleassure to have this trouble and to have to fix it my self, so i don't want to sound like those students that actually want their homeworks done... it is just that perhaps i need another point of view ... So here is the deal, i have a 3-phasic electric system, of currents, the currents came out from a filter so, ignoring the response of the filter, i have to meassure the phase angles between them... i know there are downloadable modules to do this, but the fact is that the time they use to meassure things like RMS values or else... it is a troubl
  6. Does someone could make me a vi with a single polar display (by polar i mean complex number) i've seen before but i do not have the power meassurment toolkit or i don't know wich toolkit it is ... but i've also seen before that i can open copy and paste in another .vi, ... and please let that be labview 8.6... i'm in a hurry!!!!! thanks
  7. well... everyone deserves to be free... and it's kind of wird... but, i didn't find another way to translate a PLC logic to this stuff... i actually use more local variables at the end... let me show you... animacion tanques cisterna 3.vi
  8. ok, i'd been working my ass brain out since like 2 weeks ago to build this .VI.... and... welll.... i don't like it...:( do you know where can i find nicer pictures ... (even if they are not made by me) ... to build this kind of animation... i used corel Draw... but that's suposed to be a pump... and it seems like an "escafandra" animacion tanques cisterna.vi
  9. oh.. thats awesome... by the way.... I No Speak Americano.... (neither italian) what's a cuddle???
  10. ok.... thanks... to the bee and thanks to the devil... where can i get some Labview classes.... my current teacher is evil, i mean... there was no need to make us do that just cuz' we wer sleeping in class... by the way... i need to solve a numeric method... and find some %error... but as i sayed... that's my work...
  11. i remember that a while ago there was something written under the nickname that use to say "i'm a LAVA, not a Fighter"... as long as all you people let me ... i'll try to believe that... Well... this time is something kind of simple... i need to calcule... well... thats my job... but the thing is that i need to keep the last 3 values from a shift register... to keep the last two is as easy as get the value as it comes out from the shift register and then get the value after the operations i do with it... befor the value enters again in the upsidedown triangle... i could just use a for
  12. sooo... it's kind of a sin to do this in an excercise as simple as this one... circuito prueba 1.vi
  13. i feel so ashamed of my logic right now... (in math, a circle is the constant function in polar coordinates) perhaps in a polar graph... this cuold be even easier... anyway.... thaks to all of you... i'll finally keep this one for future references... circulo.vi
  14. so i have build simulations about damping systems in labview just for fun... but now that i'm taking a signature wich needs me to use it i can't find what i'm doing wrong... this is a trouble with a circle... i just have to draw it, i was thinking about using the formula node and the circle ecuation with se center in the origin... but some how this does not work... have you ever draw a function you already know in a Graph XY with arrays for the X and the Y values... Untitled 1.vi
  15. why dont you build an array from your points... and then you just split the Array into 1D arrays and use the "interpolate 1 D array" tool once i did something like that in a 3D Surface Graph... if i can find the example i will send it to you...
  16. Hi it's me again... i was just wondering... how do i change the color of my tank in this .vi to red, instaed of black...???? ...cuz' no matter where i search i can't find the specifications of a FillColor Property node, i mean... those numbers... what are they exactly??? are they RGB, are they hexadecimal stuff.... where i can find a table or someting like that with the numeric values to the colors... Thanks anyway... By the way... i use Labview 8.6.. thankes.vi
  17. ok, i built this thing.... thanks a lot to the devil guy with the black eyebrows.. Calcu cientifica.vi
  18. Muchisisisisimas gracias!!!! i wasn't even sure about the function of the event structure... thanks a lot... now i have a new path to follow..
  19. well.... i love you... but... might be able to save the file in 8.6 verison.... thanks... you are making my day allready...
  20. Hi, everybody… I’m new… how are all of you???… Anyway… I’m a student at ITV, in Mexico… and I was bla bla bla bla bla Does someone know how to use the same “numeric” as an indicator and as a control… You know… like in a single display calculator… Yes I know… it’s very basic… but I’m running in circles… I actually have to build a .Vi In which I have to use just two buttons (plus “+” & equals “=”) and a single numeric and do as much additions as I want like in a calculator… in fact it is kind of a calculator… ¬¬ I’ve been trying to use the flat sequence stuff … in
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