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Cross post from here.

I've sucessfully built this app at least 10 times previously in LV2009 SP1.

Now I'm getting a 1502 error on "set current font.vi" but this vi is not broken, the FP is there, etc. Tried all the possible fixes I could find in the NI forum to no avail. Any new info?

Added info: went through all of my code and eliminated everything that had a constant connected to a case selector. (confusing because that's never been an issue before) Also went through my code and disabled it a chunk at a time. Narrowed it down to either/both "set current font.vi" and "new report.vi" and/or "append text table.vi". When I disable report vi's it builds fine. But I recompiled the report llbs but still won't build and I get error 1502.

This BUG has been around since 8.5. I'm getting beyond annoyed. :angry:

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