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  1. (PaulG slowly shakes his head, rolls his eyes and sighs.) I miss the tickle parties the most.
  2. You will have to unbundle the elements of the cluster and count the number of bytes of each element.
  3. Another icon trick which might be well known ... if you go into Google Images search and type in 32x32 png (size: icon) you will get all the icons you can possibly need. You can narrow the search for specifics (stop, go, etc) Right click, copy and paste it in your icon editor.
  4. NeoCons? SOPA and PIPA support and legislation funding is coming straight from Hollyweird and the music industry. Not exactly right wing. It's the left that consistently wants to obfuscate the truth and choke the free flow of information. Where do you think the now-defunct "Fairness Doctrine" came from? And who wants to bring it back? The left. My $0.02
  5. Hooovahh's summary is better than anything I can offer. For flexibility and performance you can't beat TDMS, or at least I don't know of any other way to store huge amounts of data as efficiently and reliably. One of LabVIEW's better features. I have had no trouble with it at all.
  6. Go ahead and finish Atlas Shrugged. Very long read but Ayn Rand's writings are deep and profound. I don't agree with everything she says but damn, I hang on every word she has written. She was a prophet. She will make you think like no other. I loved Atlas Shrugged BTW.
  7. When I first saw LV these were my very first thoughts. It made complete sense.
  8. Solved. It wasn't pretty and my mouse clicker thingie finger is tired.
  9. Cross post from here. I've sucessfully built this app at least 10 times previously in LV2009 SP1. Now I'm getting a 1502 error on "set current font.vi" but this vi is not broken, the FP is there, etc. Tried all the possible fixes I could find in the NI forum to no avail. Any new info? Added info: went through all of my code and eliminated everything that had a constant connected to a case selector. (confusing because that's never been an issue before) Also went through my code and disabled it a chunk at a time. Narrowed it down to either/both "set current font.vi" and "new report.vi" and/or "append text table.vi". When I disable report vi's it builds fine. But I recompiled the report llbs but still won't build and I get error 1502. This BUG has been around since 8.5. I'm getting beyond annoyed.
  10. I worked at a place where LV was unexpected because after a while I realized the managers had no intention of accomplishing anything with LabVIEW.
  11. Ouch. Hey, you have to get well. There are some fourteeners in Colorado I hear calling your name. BTW ... one lf the cable channels (forget which one - I just record them when I can) plays House reruns all the time. Something to do while recovering.
  12. In the LAVA search bar I typed in "timestamp" and it yielded 51 results. So I go to the first result and it has nothing to do with timestamp. So I go to Edit>Find(on this page) in my IE and search for timestamp. Nothing. ???
  13. I'll bet Mr. McFeely and PeeWee Herman have a few stories to share.
  14. I've done my fair share, uh, um, more than my fair share of bitching about LV lately and decided to sign up for beta testing. My current project is a cRIO system we intend to access remotely via FTP and I'll be doing most of the beta testing using this project. I would like to beat the snot out 2011. What better place for direction than here? Thoughts? Experiences? Advice? Thanks in advance.
  15. Someone earlier was looking for mentors. Daklu is one of mine.
  16. 7.1 is my sentimental favorite. She was solid. Some really good and useful features have appeared since in the later versions but most of it is only half-done crap that acts more like bloatware. Most of my customers don't care if I know OOP or if I know how to make an Xcontrol. They want an app that is working and stable and will still be working and stable 5-10 years from now. And they want it in a reasonable amount of time without me spending their time/bucks finding another workaround for something that shouldn't need a workaround.
  17. Al Gore won a Nobel. So what? The Nobel jackwagons are capable of anything.
  18. I had been thinking this way for over 12 years ... since V5.. It has only been in the last 6 months or so LV has really rattled my perception of the universe. 2009 and 2010 have been the occasional poke-in-the-eye after another of quirks and workarounds and glitches and potential show-stopping nightmares. I've spent more time on the phone with NI tech support in the last 2 months than I have in the previous 12 years combined. But I'm still part of the Flock. I trust NI has been paying attention and V 2011 will be a true "stability" release. Been doing this way too long to give up now. I'll be writing LV code until I die.
  19. If I (mis)understood LV the way this guy does I would hate it, too.
  20. Everything looks even better. Thanks so much Mike for your continued efforts. And yes, I agree, the new LAVA code repository is slick.
  21. And to think someone here thought this would be a good task for scripting.
  22. No. The 8451 cannot be used as a slave.
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