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Best VM tool for running Win LabVIEW on OSX?

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What is the more stable emulator for running Windows version of LabVIEW under OSX: Parallels 6 or VMWARE Fusion 3?



Why limit yourself to only 2 choices? I use Oracle VM Virtual Box, not because I have a preference but because I use it on my Mac at home for personal use (non work) and it's free. For what I do it works well and is stable (from what I can see).


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I use Fusion. I originally started with Parallels but then became a bit disgusted with some licensing issues during a transition to a later version -- perhaps 4 to 5 I don't remember now. I definitely like the Fusion user community more than what I remember from Parallels. I have found the user community to be incredibly helpful when I run into issues which, generally are of the RTFM sort and, despite that, everyone is friendly, thorough and considerate. I'm on a MBP 2.66 Ghz i7 8 GB RAM running 10.6.6 and LV 2010 sp1. I run on an external monitor as well, using Unity mode so I spread my workspace across the entire system, transparently switching back and forth between Mac (where I do all of my email and internet (using Safari) except for some Windows-based access for SVN and such. There a few minot inconveniences, eg if I just "shut the lid" and have Unity spread out on two monitors with LV open and running across the desktop, then come back and open it up, sometimes the Windows environment will get a bit wonky: ie the display of the various Windows will not be as I left them. I just need to remember to shut the Windows programs down before doing that or keeping the external monitor connected or, perhaps best of all, leave the focus on one of the open Windows windows...again and RTFM kind of thing.

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I am a little late to the party with this post, but I will second the VMware Fusion 3 environment.

I run this on an identical setup to Val and have absolutely no problems. I have played with a couple of the other virtual machine solutions out there but Fusion 3 seems to be the easiest package to deal with.

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