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  1. Thanks! Wish you would've told me that a few months ago! 😉
  2. I've been dealing with silent crashes for some months now, and it's been a frustrating exercise (I created some NI support tickets to try to help, but that's been difficult as well). I'm using LV2017.0.1f4 (64-bit) and I suspect it's related to possibly a misbehaving NI frame grabber (NI PCIe-1433) since it seems to crash most often when starting up/initializing communication with the cameras. The system has 6 frame grabbers and also has various hardware (power supplies, temperature chamber, etc.). Recently (yesterday) I disabled the parallel startup of the communications and one of the frame grabbers was acting up (noise on the camera com channel) so I only used 5 of the 6 frame grabbers and last night the entire run was successful! My coworker was amazed! We are running another test tonight to make sure it wasn't a fluke. So right now I'm pointing the finger at either faulty hardware or some bug not allowing many simultaneous IMAQ connections to all start up at the same time. Bruce
  3. Thanks for your replies. It's probably a problem on our internal network, since I can log in from home on my personal computer just fine using Chrome and FIrefox. I was just wondering if anyone has experienced this since it's so difficult getting corporate IT to start working on something like this, and the process of explaining and trying to convince over and over has been a pain (based on past experience). My local IT person is aware of the issue, but it's not clear when or if this will get fixed. Thanks for you help! Bruce
  4. Clearing the cache and history and logging out of Chrome didn't help.
  5. It's working at this moment actually now it's not (on Chrome), but the issue comes and goes (it doesn't work more times than not). Incognito mode is disabled by IT here. When it happens I will try clearing the cache. It happens on both my laptop and my workstation. I installed and tried Firefox yesterday and that was having the same issue. Thanks, Bruce
  6. I've been having this issue for some time now (probably since the end of last year), if I use Chrome (or Firefox) to access LAVA G, it hardly ever works (doesn't show the website). It works reliably using IE but I prefer not to use IE anymore if possible because websites are beginning to warn me that it won't be supported for much longer. Are others also seeing this behavior? Thanks, Bruce
  7. This might be worth looking at but no solution was given: https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Failure-to-initialize-lvanlys-DLL/td-p/3759330?profile.language=en They were having the same trouble but with LV2017.
  8. Just to clarify, is this device similar in functionality to the NI-845x? I'm trying to understand the application of such a device. https://www.ni.com/en-us/support/model.usb-8451.html Thanks!
  9. Thanks, I'm currently doing a project using I2C so I'd like to look into this option. I noticed that Product Datasheet 56 is called out in this link but not listed in the datasheets page. Does this enable I2C communications over a COM port? What speeds/settings are available? Thanks!
  10. Sorry, I don't have an answer, but I encountered this problem very recently (it was brought to my attention yesterday!). I don't remember making any changes, it was the NI 3-button dialog getting stuck behind another dialog. I just re-built the exe and it worked so problem solved! (until it comes back on the next build) I'm using LV2017SP1f3. You would think that the most recent modal window would be of higher modality than the previous.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I was looking at: https://www.sonnetstore.com/products/echo-express-3d-thunderbolt3 There are other ones as well from Magma and other suppliers. I have both Camera Link and CoaXPress (Bitflow) framegrabbers, hoping to use both with a laptop with Thunderbolt. Why do you recommend CXP? What CXP frame grabber do you use? I still haven't found much support for it. Thanks, Bruce
  12. Has anyone used a Thunderbolt expansion chassis with an NI frame grabber using Windows? I'm looking to add the ability to use a NI PCIe-1433 Camera Link frame grabber to my laptop. Any advice? Thanks! Bruce Cross-posted at: https://forums.ni.com/t5/Machine-Vision/Using-a-Thunderbolt-expansion-chassis-with-a-NI-frame-grabber/m-p/3978018
  13. These links could be of help: https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Windows-Logon-Information/td-p/1236288 https://forums.ni.com/t5/Example-Programs/Retrieve-Windows-User-Name-Using-LabVIEW/ta-p/3526812 https://forums.ni.com/t5/Example-Programs/How-to-Access-the-Username-of-the-Current-User/ta-p/3522702
  14. I think I must have had low glucose at the time (just before lunch). I should've created a simple example, but it turned out I was missing a input to my VI! Grrh! It's working now. Thanks for your help! Bruce
  15. This seems like it should be easy, but I have not been able to create a folder that has decimal/period using LabVIEW. For example, creating a folder named "Blah 1.1" yields a folder named "Blah". I can create the folder directly in Windows so I know it is valid. Has anyone else seen this before? Thanks, Bruce
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